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  1. Phone apps and mounts for track days.

    What apps are y’all using during your track days? I’ve downloaded Track Addict but haven’t had a chance to use it yet. Also, what mounting device are you using to keep the phone in place during your HPDE/track days? Im looking at something like the panavise Mount...
  2. Tie down points. What do you use?

    I was looking at possibly getting these for when I trailer the car. Problem is, they use the same mounting points as the jacking rails. What is everyone else using to tie the car down on a trailer? What points do...
  3. Ceramic coating in Austin

    Looking to get the front of my GT350 and a new 19 GT coated. Any suggestions in the Austin TX area?
  4. 18 GT Premium on order

    Been looking at an 18 EB for the wife for a couple of weeks now and we finally got to get her in one to drive yesterday after we went and saw Super Troopers 2 (funny as fuck BTW). She drove the EB first and liked the interior, cooled seats, and new digital dash display (kinda jelly about it)...
  5. Buying a 2018 ecoboost soon

    So the wife wants a new mustang. She really likes the new design and the ecoboost. I’ve never owned a non V8 mustang. How does everyone that has the turbo 4 like them? Are there any known issues? Recalls? TSB’s? I need to be aware of? We will be doing cosmetic modifications, but no performance...
  6. AMP power wire routing

    From the battery, what is the best routing for an amplifier power wire? Is there an easy to get to grommet on the passenger side of the car? Pics would be helpful if you have them. Thanks
  7. Do people actually fall for this?

    Pin stripes, VIN etching, and nitrogen? Totaling almost $900, not to mention the $500 tint. Do people actually fall for this shit and pay for it? ADM of $15k for a non R too. There's one born every minute I guess.
  8. Sub enclosure

    Posted his in the electronics section but figured it would get good exposure here. Anyone install an aftermarket subwoofer? What enclosure did you use? Looking at something like this from zenclosures
  9. Sub enclosure

    Anyone use something like this? If so, what do you think of it?
  10. Shifteck resonator delete x-pipe

    I've been holding off deleting my resonators hoping for a reasonably priced option besides just cutting out the resonators and welding in a piece of stainless. Shifteck now offers this very reasonably priced resonator delete X-pipe. I should have bought one of these right when they were posted...
  11. Center Cap Size

    Anyone know the center cap size on the factory non R wheel?
  12. Exhaust in Austin

    Anyone know of any competent exhaust shops in the Austin area? I want to do a resonator delete on my GT350, and it's really hard to trust anyone to touch it.
  13. Different oil filter.

    So, just got the first oil change completed, and my car did not have the FL 2069ST filter installed from the factory. It has a "canister" style filter. Pic below. They replaced it with a FL 2062. Anyone else seen this?
  14. First oil change=damaged splitter

    Just under 1000 miles. Took my car to the dealer for the first oil change and just as I feared they tried rolling my car into a normal lift and damaged the middle splitter. Barely, but it was perfect before they got ahold of it. I know it's minuscule, and on a part that was bound to get damaged...
  15. Picking up car tomorrow

    Dealership has my car right now, waiting for paperwork so I can pick it up. I'm wondering, what all is supposed to come with the car? I ordered the cover. I know the splitter is supposed to come in the car when shipped. The dealer has told me that they do not install the splitter due to...
  16. Which Red?

    So..... I'm ordering up my GT350 here in the next couple of days and, I can't decide which red I want. I really like the race red, but the ruby red looks pretty sweet too. Anyone have some high def photos of both? Next to each other would be nice, but separate is fine. I just can't find a pic...
  17. Hydrocarbon underhood

    Gaging interest in Hydrocarbon underhood pieces. Would anyone be interested in Hydrocarbon fusebox cover, radiator cover, stock airbox, and engine cover. these pices are not in production yet, but with enough interest they can be. I don't have pictures, but they look like carbon fiber pieces...