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  1. First Look - LTH 2020+ Shelby GT500 Resonator Delete H Pipe

    Will you be able to use the oem heat shield ? If you can use it are there Any modifications that have to be done to the shield ? does it come with new straps for the shield ?
  2. Question for the Community: Trade, Mod, or Stay Put

    So I just did this. I had my 350 I bought a whipple and all supporting mods. while waiting for my appointment at the shop I test drove a gt500 and I was sold. I started shopping around and found a good deal. Between my trade in selling the whipple and all supporting mods ( didn’t lose a penny )...
  3. 2021 shark fin antenna part number

    Classified lol
  4. 2021 shark fin antenna part number

    Ok thanks for the help I am going to read it all tonight while I am at work
  5. 2021 shark fin antenna part number

    Wow you put a lot of work into this Greatly appreciated So reading thru it I need the puck style antenna Possibly a new connector if I can’t get it off the shark fin And just reconnect the gps antenna Leaving the cellular one unplugged in the headliner And that will disable ford tracking
  6. 2021 shark fin antenna part number

    Oh boy you just opened a worm hole up for me lol. I can get rid of the the shark fin and ford tracking capabilities. Thanks for the info. So if I read that correctly It’s as easy as getting the puck style and just unplugging the coax cable and just reconnecting the other connector
  7. 2021 shark fin antenna part number

    That’s not a bad idea just plastidip it Yes going black roof Than I Can at least see if the orange fin works with the black roof
  8. 2021 shark fin antenna part number

    Can anyone help me with the part number? I can only find the 2020 and I read somewhere they are different. I am gonna wrap my roof and the shop said it is easier to paint the shark fin. I would like to keep my original and paint the new one black Thank you in advance
  9. Parts off my gt350 fit the gt500?

    ok I will measure when I take it off I don’t think it is 3” but don’t remember
  10. Parts off my gt350 fit the gt500?

    thanks that’s good to know
  11. Parts off my gt350 fit the gt500?

    So I am gonna be trading my gt350 in shortly for a 21 gt500. I have the Lethal resonator delete Bmr jacking rails Steeda g trac brace B-line test pipes with hi flow cats Does anyone know if these parts will work on the 500 before I sell them? Would love to hold on to the test pipes and...
  12. Quick Ford esp plan question

    Ok thanks kind of figured that but I was hoping I was wrong
  13. Quick Ford esp plan question

    I am about to purchase an extended warranty thru flood Ford. My regular warranty expires end of may. When I purchase the extended warranty is the start date for years and mileage from original purchase day or when I buy the new plan ? So if I buy a 5 year warranty does that mean I only have 2...
  14. B line test pipe hi flow cats or lth hi flow cats

    So I’m getting ready to add some boost to my car. I am currently running the b line test pipes with hi flow cats. is it worth it to switch to long tubes with hi flow cats ?
  15. Boosted 350's come on in!

    So I have a header question I’m getting ready to order a p1x with all the supporting mods. I’m currently running b-line test pipes with hi-flow cats Is there any benefit to switch to stainless works headers with hi-flow cats ? Or are the b-line good Are the stock headers that restrictive or is...
  16. BLine Cat Delete Pipes

    I run the hi flow cats with lethal resonator delete and the car sounds incredible. It is loud most people think I have a full exhaust. It is still quite when I close the exhaust so you get best of both worlds. I bought the hi flow cats just so I would have no issues with emissions or a random...
  17. Puddle lamps for a 18 gt350

    I can confirm that it was 100% plug and play for an 18. I purchased a set of mirrors off a wrecked 19 R and just swapped them and plugged them in.
  18. Installing oem stripes

    I am replacing my oem trunk stripes in the next few days. I have been looking at videos for tips on the install but I cannot find anyone installing oem. The videos I watched differ some use soap water and than heat on the stripes , other guys do it dry and just use a felt tip squeegee. So...
  19. Oem stripes

    Unfortunately I had to go with the oem $260 From Tasca ford the link above is correct for a 18 black /white pinstripe. Like you I reached out to big worm and bemaro and both didn’t have anything to match the oem . My front end is wrapped in ppf over stripes so replacing the stripes totally...
  20. Mounting 2019+ Anderson Composite Carbon Fiber Swing

    I went thru lethal performance