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  1. New LMR M1HP and GT500 wheels

    LMR just introduced their copy of the M1HP wheel and the 20" GT500 wheel.
  2. Front caliper mounting question

    Does anyone know the distance center to center of the mounting holes where the caliper mounts to the spindle? I'm looking for anything that might be compatible with my explorer ST. I managed to find out the explorer calipers have a center to center of 140mm.
  3. M1 HP wheels for sale on LMR!

    Just spotted this on LMR
  4. 2022 Build and Price is up!!

    I've been checking every few days, and it's finally up. Just thought I would share.
  5. Post dealers who honor A D X and Z plans

    In the current new vehicle market, finding a dealer who will honor plan pricing can be a chore. So if you know of a dealer who will honor A, D, X, or Z plan or at least sell under MSRP post up their location so others who may be in the market can purchase thru them if they choose to. I'll...
  6. Coyote torque specs

    LMR just posted this list of the torque specs for the hardware on a coyote engine. MODS, feel free to make this a sticky.
  7. Mustang ranked #2 for most american content

    The Ford mustang has been ranked #2 for having the most american content. The tesla model 3 took the top spot, followed by the model Y in third. Yep tesla claimed 2 of the 3 top spots. At least American cars claimed the top 5, honda got spots 6 thru 9, while a toyota took #10...
  8. APIM reprogramming

    I can get a good APIM w/nav out of a wrecked 17 lincoln MKZ for cheap, I would like to add it to my mustang that did not come with nav. Would I have to reprogram it to get the mustang image on the start up screen?
  9. ford ETIS report

    I'm in the process of trading my DD for a 21 explorer ST and I have the vin. I tried to get the ETIS report and the site no longer works, anyone know what the new site is or am I SOL?
  10. SVE Mach 1 wheels

    LMR/SVE makes a clone of the 03-04 Mach 1 wheels in 17" sizes for the SN-95's. I always thought those wheels would look good on an S550 or even an older S197. LMR just needs to upsize them to a 19" to fit. So I sent them an e-mail requesting just that. They actually sent me a response. What...
  11. LMR GT7's

    There is a guy I know who just picked a used S550 and it has a set of LMR GT7's on it in black and they are 19" staggered. He wants to sell them and doesn't know how much to ask. He claims they are in good condition, but I haven't actually seen them. I told him they were around 1K new for just...
  12. Just got some good news

    My daughter graduated from Cleveland State with a degree in chemical engineering last year right smack in the middle of the pandemic. Anyway she has been looking for a job ever since and she has been living with her boyfriend in Manassas VA. He's a mechanical engineer at micron and she just got...
  13. Question for 18+ owners with digital instrument cluster

    Does the factory digital cluster have a vacuum gauge built into it on GT's and does the ecoboost get a vac/boost gauge? I was wondering if they did so owners of a non PP1/2 cars could get a factory boost gauge without having to upgrade the center gauge cluster where they are on PP cars.
  14. Distilled beverage recommendations

    I'm an occasional drinker but I don't buy the cheapest stuff out there. I try to keep the price down but get better than the college kid rot gut garbage. For example, when I buy tequila, I don't get cuervo, I reach for 1800 silver. For bourbon, I buy Makers Mark, for rum, I have both captain...
  15. Gen 3 Aluminator crate engines

    Was browsing the ford racing site and in the new parts released in the last 30 days the have a gen 3 aluminator listed in both supercharged and N/A versions. The also have the new 7.3
  16. Front plate bracket removal

    Last year the governor of Ohio signed into law a transportation bill that includes the elimination of the front license plate. The plate portion of the law takes effect on July 1, 2020 and on that day we can legally remove our front plate with no repercussions. Anyway, I already removed mine and...
  17. original BULLITT goes up for auction today

    There were only 2 mustangs used for the movie, the jump or stunt car that was wrecked during filming and was found in a junkyard in mexico and all that was left was the shell, and the hero car that was in 90% of the shots and is 99% complete and in movie condition and runs and drives. The hero...
  18. Technical question about the front brakes.

    Does anyone know the center to center distance of the mounting holes on the front calipers? Also is the front spindle the same on all S550 mustangs, excluding the GT 350? The reason I ask is I stumbled across a guy on YouTube who is using 4 piston brembo calipers from a caddy ATS-V and mounting...
  19. 18+ PP1 tires

    Exactly what model are the PP 1 tires on the 18+ GT's? I know they are Michelin, but not sure what model. I need new rear tires and I don't want to put they crap pirellis on that it came with.
  20. Painted PP1/PP2 calipers

    Does any one offer prepainted PP1/PP2 calipers? I tried searching but nothing came up. I was going to take off the originals before painting but then I thought why not just swap on a set that is already painted.