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  1. MMR 350 Rims with Longer APR Studs Need Lug Help

    I have black open-ended lug nuts from that I love. I would not use a closed end lug nut again, unless I was daily driving my pony in winter weather. Alternatively the JDM world is going to be your best bet. Take a look at RAYS or Project Kics. I had red Rays dura nuts for a while...
  2. Alignment after rear wheel bearing replacement?

    Thanks for all the helpful tips and insight everyone. I am going to give it a shot without dropping the knuckle. I had no idea there was enough room to get anything in there with the axle in the way. If that fails, I'll drop it but try not to get too rough with any of the alignment points...
  3. Aggressive Fitment Thread

    Got some fresh rubber and an alignment this weekend ✌️ This was taken pre-alignment. I'm running -2.5 up front and -2.1 in back now, but need to wash this pig and take it somewhere flat for some photos.
  4. Alignment after rear wheel bearing replacement?

    Vid of the installation for those curious.
  5. Alignment after rear wheel bearing replacement?

    Sounds like you need to disconnect a few arms and pivot the entire knuckle downward in order to access the 4x bolts that secure the hub to the knuckle. After doing this on both sides, I'd imagine the rear end would probably benefit from an alignment? I am about to do this job but just got a...
  6. Best service department in SO CAL??

    I had a great experience at Ted Robins Ford here in Costa Mesa, but that might be a bit of a hike for you.
  7. Best caster camber plates

    Bump to hear from folks who are not using Steeda plates. Mine are noisy now that the temperature has gone up and the engine bay is getting heat soaked. Will probably return to stock.
  8. Who has this buzz in their 15-17 GT?

    I do, it happens once and a while. I have kinda got used to it. Most people seem to think it is the flex pipe and that removing it (cut out, weld a solid pipe in) can alleviate the issue.
  9. Metal clanking noise passenger rear?

    The dealer was able to find and fix the noise I was experiencing. Shoutout to Andrew and the fellas at Theodore Robins Ford in Costa Mesa! Fortunately this was covered by my extended warranty, so out the door I paid $36 total, due to another issue w/ my rearview mirror. SUPER stoked!
  10. Metal clanking noise passenger rear?

    Wild. I have a slow leak in that tire, coincidentally, due to a teeny tiny nail that I have not had patched/repaired yet. Loses like 1psi per month so I have been ignoring it... now that you mention this I will see about getting that fixed sooner than later. Maybe my sensor is effed too.
  11. Metal clanking noise passenger rear?

    Want to chime in that I am having this exact same issue with my 2016 and it is beginning to get worse. I thought it was the axle retaining nuts so I replaced those and no dice... same issue. I back into my driveway which is on an incline (so I am reversing up a hill). Usually the first...
  12. Clunk / Rattle Right Rear Suspension

    Just pulled the wheel off and have started to poke around. Steeda Mount appears A-ok. No rattles or play. The bearing is smooth and feels tight. I will leave that alone and keep looking. That being said It was full of dirt and debris, which I always wonder if that might bind the system up and...
  13. Clunk / Rattle Right Rear Suspension

    I had to get my passenger side Steeda shock mount replaced at one point, the new one has been great. Now I believe my drivers side one might have failed? I have new OEM mounts and nuts I’m going to install tomorrow to see if it helps.
  14. BMR Tech Tip: Check those axle-to-spindle retaining nuts!

    Just wanted to give folks the heads up that after a few months the noise is back. I’m gonna pull the rear driver wheel off tomorrow and check everything. It used to only happen when moving into reverse for the first time, suddenly, like when the car is rolling down a hill (my driveway) as I’m...
  15. Brand New in Box 2015-17 Mustang GT Power Pack 2 SOLD

    Still available? I’m in Orange County, grew up in Glendale. I can come up and see it this weekend.
  16. Not impressed with steeda clutch spring

    I installed my Steeda spring within the first few days of owning the vehicle and haven't looked back. Can't imagine living with that soft OEM feel.
  17. S550 Sun Shades

    If you want absolutely perfect fitment and high quality: heatshade.
  18. Which is better a Mustang PP2 or a Bullitt?

    It's 2019 bro, let that freak flag fly ️‍
  19. Which is better a Mustang PP2 or a Bullitt?

    PP2 without a doubt. I don't understand the draw to the Bullitt... every single speciality Bullitt Ford has put out has been a mere shadow of the original and in some cases I would consider them to be a disservice. Look at how well (or not well) they have aged too... would you ever consider...
  20. Custom Plates?

    True dat. I’ve been living here since July and cross my fingers I haven’t been stopped yet. Was able to get my Michigan registration until October of this year. Then I gotta get creative. This state is so fucked for car people.