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  1. Best Hood Struts?

    The Ford Performance ones twist. See this thread under DIY how to fix the issue if you have the tools and skills. DIY Improvement for the FP Hood Strut Kit (M-16826-MA) I gonna go with another brand as mine are twisting.
  2. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Put in some Weathertech molded mats and the truck liner too. That's it for this weekend.
  3. What did you do to your S550 Mustang today?!

    Hey all, so first mod was taking the dealer advertising surrounds of the plates. Second mod was the Ford Performance hood struts. Sorta went well. Passenger side kept twisting the base when closing and opening the hood. So I had to reef (Super torque) on it to stop. Messed my battery cover a...
  4. Introduce yourself!!

    Hello all, Stang Dude here. Got my first Mustang when I was sixteen. 1969 302 fastback and a monthlater a 1967 289 coupe. Of the two my dad and I decided to restore the coupe first fory mom. It had the upgraded interior, floor console, roof console, tilt-a-way steering wheel with tach inside the...
  5. Purchase dilemma

    Thanks actually pretty cool. Great for the apocalypse.
  6. Purchase dilemma

    Ok that made me laugh out loud.
  7. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Ordered Mine, a Canadian Order, Jan 28,2022 Mustang GT PP Race Red with 10r80, 401a with Red interior and optional wheels plus MR, B&O and AVE and I was worried it would get cancelled. Build date delayed twice to May 20 something Arrived June 7th. Whew!!! Fully loaded GT competing for spots on...
  8. Purchase dilemma

    Damn autocorrect makes it look like I can't spell. My writing sucks but I can spell. 😀
  9. Purchase dilemma

    Thanks for that. I was very unsure but there are tooany PP1 with the blacks rims around including red ones and I just want to not see myself coming down the road. We all know these are more than cars but something more personal hence the customization. The rims have more presence and detail in...
  10. Purchase dilemma

    Ya she is. Makes me smile everytime I see her. She's getting her first no dealer bath tomorrow. PPF in August. I'll be leaking around these threads. Love this community. Have a great night Bikeman. Happy 1st or 4th depending on which side of the 49th you're on.
  11. Purchase dilemma

    To close out this thread. Got the car three weeks ago. Have about 800km on the odometer now. Love the car. Starting my upgrades slowly. I love the rims more than I thought I would. Picture of it coming off the truck. I post more in the introduction thread and then over to the 10R80 thread.
  12. Purchase dilemma

    Still not sold. tramlining issue
  13. Purchase dilemma

    The financial part I can live with. Just means a larger down payment. I have been looking at this Mach1 for 5 months now. Still now sold. Hopefully I didn't jinx it. I haven't even driven an S550 before so other than the tramping issue which can be fixed and the road race body parts I would be...
  14. Purchase dilemma

    Bikeman315 good questions. I have been surfing the Mach 1 threads and the GT threads. Alot to take in. So first I'm in my mid 50s and this is a midlife crisis car as my late mom used to joke. I am looking for a cool cruiser that can handle the power it has properly (driver too of course)...
  15. Purchase dilemma

    I think they are cloth which should be ok.
  16. Purchase dilemma

    Hey everyone. So driving season has started and the itch is strong. My build has been delayed 3 times now and this latest one makes it 4 times. I'll be lucky to see the car in June. That said I have a question for you all. I ordered and fully loaded 2022 Mustang GT auto with Mageneride and...
  17. Purchase dilemma

    Got my VIN and build date of May 2nd 2022. Exciting. They expect delivery late May early June.
  18. 2022 Build and Price is up!!

    Ya. Thanks. My 2022 is ordered and based on the pricing the dealer had in January. If I rebuild it on the site it's almost $2900 more for the same thing. Curious to see if the price will be adjusted up once the car arrives. I think it's time for a visit to the dealer again to get that...
  19. 2022 Build and Price is up!!

    Not sure if someone mentioned it but the Canadian Ford Mustang Build and Price 2022 site is finally up and it's glitchy of course. Prices have gone up. 😕
  20. Mustang stuck at rail yard for over a month?

    Yup CP rail is on strike. I'm curious how fast everyone received their VINs to begin tracking their cars. Mine was purchased Jan 28, 2022 but no info on the order since that date. Dealer was quick to take my money but slow to answer my phone calls.