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  1. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    To all, Due to unforeseen circumstances as a result of M6G powers at be and their decision making I will no longer be active on this forum anymore. I apologize sincerely for the fast list to fail again. Maybe someone can ask one of the mods to make them the thread person and they can continue...
  2. Just purchased a Procharger for my 2018 Mustang GT

    Then he could do some corn juice too!
  3. Just purchased a Procharger for my 2018 Mustang GT

    6 rib will be zero slip issue at low boost levels. 8 rib I'd personally absolutely recommend for future pulley swaps and it's own belt instead of sharing with everything else, but yes it comes with a pulley that bolts onto the stock balancer. The mounts/braces do not need removed. Procharger...
  4. Running car with open headers.

    It wouldn't burn the valves, but bending/warping/cracking are possible if there was no headers on it. With headers like a million race cars the headers hold enough heat to slow down the cooling. The rapid cooling is what could cause valve issues. You're good to go with headers on. But damn...
  5. 18 manifold install,lost power and boost....

    Boost reading is going to drop since manifold is less restrictive, but power should be up a bit at peak and hold it longer.
  6. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    To be honest the S550 is sooooo much better looking car than a fox body. But sooooooo much cheaper and easier to turn into real race cars.
  7. Who will swap for the new 7.3 V8!

    The 7.3 gasser is a boat anchor. Ford took a MONSTROUS 10 year step back in technology to appease a small crowd.
  8. Looking into a PC stage 2/P1X setup.

    Stage 2 P1x, with E85 and supporting fuel system and injectors is good for 850-900 with ease.
  9. whipple whine from outside

    Procharger lets all the girls know what's up!
  10. Best V band clamps?

    Vibrant. put a small bead of copper seal on them before assembling, and every time you take them apart. Be careful welding any flange on, do small sections, and pause till it cools to the touch to proceed welding. Welding heat will warp the flange pretty easily.
  11. Just got a 4.50 pulley to replace my 4.88 for my D1x, how much more boost will it make?

    You'll see about 3 lbs assuming same atmospheric conditions. But it won't be 75 hp.. Like always don't get hung up on boost reading. More importantly is power output, and CFM.
  12. Cquartz UK 3.0 coating complete!!!

    Skip the reload and sealant spray stuff and just put on the gliss. I did 2 coats uk3.0, and 1 coat gliss. On black don't even have to dry it after washing, either touchless auto wash with blow job, or hand wash at home and leaf blower dry not a water spot in sight.
  13. Procharger info??

    That's CNN level misinformation... Promod Stevie Fast has held the promod ET record for quite some time. X275/pro 275/ldr still has successful blower cars despite the rules dick punching centri's year after year. Even RVW last few years has been a healthy mix of blower cars at the top...
  14. H Pipe

    For $230 just to install you could buy every tool you need, and screw it up once and buy another H and still be ahead.
  15. 1/4 Mile Fast List 2.0

    Hey that's my stomping ground! So glad to see Mid America open again. You're brave running 145 out the 1/4 back door their 1/4 shutdown is questionable. We'll be down to Tulsa for the streetcar takeover debuting the new car on the 12th. I'll get this added at some point. I try to wait for a...
  16. Belt Size Procharger 4.38 P1X?

    A couple of belts I went through wouldn't slip over. Had to take the blower pulley off, put the belt on it, then put the pulley back on with the belt already on it. I don't remember exactly which was which but 660 and 665 were one of them with 4.5, and 4.13
  17. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    you a damn lucky man! Beautiful, allows/loves fast cars, knows how much you love said car.
  18. 2018 Royal Crimson F1A94 Procharged, TH400 Drag Project

    That car is sick for sure. I'd also like to correct myself. turnswrench isn't 100% stone stock with that plazmaman sitting on top.