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  1. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    Well maybe not AS excited, but I appreciate the sentiment. Although, as you literally made me spend $1000 on cleaning items, I hope you are bloody excited too 😉😆
  2. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    I ordered very early May ‘21. GT manual Atlas Blue (was originally Velocity Blue) with Recaros and black badges.
  3. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    I had a VIN in mid March, segmentation mid April, built mid May. Docking in Melbourne in less than 30mins, so offload mid Aug 😁 Hopefully should have it in a couple more weeks.
  4. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    Good luck man, I hope you get it by Xmas, but without wanting to be a downer, you might not want to hold your breath. A, because Xmas, and B, my delivery is going to be about a month and a half later than what it said a month before it was built, when I already had a VIN. It slipped half a month...
  5. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    Cool, that works even though my car doesn’t arrive in Melb until tomorrow. BTW for everyone my ship left on time, but did a lot of hanging around at each port, gradually slipping more and more behind. Arriving 4-5 days behind schedule.
  6. Aus 2022 Mustangs

    Mine is currently sitting off Brisbane on Thermopylae. Nearly here :)
  7. Do I really need an oil catch can?

    Woah, that’s a reasonable amount for that few miles. Thanks for the reference. Helps convince me to fit one I think. Not required, but nice to have. I would love to see Ford try and put forward an argument to say the Ford Performance catch can they fit as stock to some Mustang engines was the...
  8. Aus 2022 Mustangs

    Lol, I was going to do this. But it was on a Fri or Sat night and I got … distracted 😆
  9. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    Yay, Xmas present. Priority of 99 is the lowest priority, which is the default that almost every order gets. You won’t have a VIN until Sep.
  10. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    Yeah, should be hitting NZ in about a day.
  11. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    My car has been enjoying the northern summer, sunning itself around the Panama Canal for the past week or so. It was last seen making good steam at 18kn towards NZ 😁
  12. Aus 2022 Mustangs

    So now, approx 1.5 months later my car is on a ship, as per an email from Ford Australia. 😁That 1.5 months is a bit longer than most expect, but might serve as a reference for others in current times.
  13. 2022 Mustang PRODUCTION DELAYS

    Congrats man!!! They must have been on an email binge. I received my first ever communication from Ford Australia today as well. My Mustang has shipped!!! 😁 Now to hit up the dealer and find out what ship.
  14. Aus 2022 Mustangs

    Getting info like that out of my dealer is a bit like getting blood out of a stone. I got a screenshot shot in March, I’ll hassle him again next week for an updated one. My car (which exists now🤩) is an Atlas Blue 6 speed manual with Recaros. Got the blacked badges too.
  15. Aus 2022 Mustangs

    O M G 😲 It happened….. It’s official, my car exists. It was actually built this week 🥳🤪🎉🎊 🙃
  16. Mustang production paused again

    I ordered 5/5/21. Had a latest build date of 4/28/22….. So the wait continues I guess. Seems we’re crossing that 1 year mark after all 😔
  17. Aus 2022 Mustangs

    But we want sweet V8 goodness NOW!!! 🤪😭😖😫😩😬
  18. Aus 2022 Mustangs

    Can’t remember if they were the same production date, or just same delivery date 🤔 I suspect I ordered before you (over 12 months ago now) so was just further up the line. Guess the line got separated earlier than they had previously planned. Do the guys who haven’t ordered yet still hold out...
  19. Keep or sell... 🤒

    Drive the Mustang to the Tesla dealer for a test drive. Give the throttle a blip before you turn it off and enjoy your smile. Get in the Tesla, give the throttle a blip and check for smile. Then, the big important one, get back in the Mustang after the test drive and check for smile. Within 30s...
  20. Aus 2022 Mustangs

    Sad news Nel66.:frown: I was updated yesterday that my build date has slipped. To 28/4/22. :fingerscrossed::please: Fingers crossed 🤞