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    I see the problem, Mine seemed to fit better, but the gauze over the top to knock them back a bit makes it a bit difficult to tell.
  2. Side scoops

    Use Stackry. We'll both get a $10 credit if you sign up on this. I've been using them for a couple of years now.
  3. Trickle Charger

    I swapped my stock battery for a Bosch S5, AGM. Suffers much less from deep discharge problems. I also have a ctek charger which connects out through with the bonnet on the latch. My battery went flat when my car was at the dealer for a while and was never the same again. I think those Ford ones...
  4. Longest owner

    I think we must have been on the same boat (to misquote a phrase). Mine arrived that day too. It's taken me three years and 20,000 miles to get less uptight about where I park it and what might happen to it. But it still turns heads and the Ricers who colonise the far corner of Tescos in the...
  5. MY2020 Mustang GT - FordPass Remote Start
  6. Euro Spec Deck Lid Panel

    Saw those on Nemesis I think. Thanks for test driving their stickability.
  7. Coyote-engined RHD Ford Raptor

    Is that how they do the steering then? Sounds lethal!
  8. Question from the other side of the pond...

    ie the passenger does the steering.
  9. Coyote-engined RHD Ford Raptor

    But sadly only for Aussies. Nice idea though. Wish we could have that here. Australia has some funny rules from memory, I think it bans imports of all LHD cars so you get these unusual semi official...
  10. iPhone connection reliability

    +1 for crapping out cables causing a problem. I got the short amazon basics ones because they're only a foot long. False economy as both of them have stopped working consistently. I'm going to try the Anker ones next as they've got got fray protection at either end. Mind you, at the rate Sync...
  11. Longest owner

    Mine arrived at the dealer Christmas 2016 and you lot rinsed me for holding off registering it until April 1st 2017 when the VED rules changed. But now I've had two years of £140 tax (which has been awesome) and more money to spend on endless pointless other adornments.
  12. Oil filter relocation kit

    About £500, no idea about pressure loss sorry.
  13. Rear Marker Lights Install

    Thanks for that idea. Useful. I'll give it a go.
  14. How dirty is yours at the moment ?

    I live down a muddy farm track so I'm off-roading mine for half a mile every time I take it out. In winter it's always dirty... just a fact of Mustang life. Those mudguards from @Symone really helped with the crap up the side though, even if you get a bit of wind noise from them at high speeds.
  15. Oil filter relocation kit

    Mike at Modurstang has got a good one he co-developed with Guy at Nemesis. I swapped my MMR one for theirs.
  16. Rear Marker Lights Install

    My Diode Dynamics ones have died after 3 years, One does nothing and the other's only half lit. A consumable item...
  17. Euro Spec Deck Lid Panel

    I've had 2 goes at the black GT badge. Version 1 was a plain decklid from the USA with the CJ Pony parts GT badge lined up, pins filed off and just stuck on. The decklid has a slight curve and the GT badge doesn't, so it lifts at the edges. Lasted about 18 months, dirt got under it and...
  18. Rear Floor Mats.

    I don't bother, I think I've had people in the back about 4 times in three years. They don't get a chance to get the carpets dirty - their legs are wedged so firmly in place by the front seats that their feet don't move around.