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  1. How many winter drivers

    Just curious how many people drive their car through winter ? Like actual snow not this Florida winter crap lol
  2. 2020 mustang or left over

    So after 2 years in a f150 I no longer have a need for a truck and am looking at mustangs again. a 20 mustang lime green with 401a is like 42 with x plan which seems so high for a mustang . Only new thing I see is rev matching Am I better off getting a 19 and wrapping it green if that’s what...
  3. mmd quarter window scoops black

    mmd window scoops black 110 shipped no issues just moved on
  4. Niche Misanos 20x10.5 w/nitto g2

    Niche Misanos 20x10.5 offset +35 nitto g2 275/35 4k miles powder coated jolly rancher red (500 bucks ) 1350 obo (wheels 1k tires 800 and powder 500) so i think its fair make me offers they are just sitting in garage located near chicago pick up only might be able to meet reasonable distance...
  5. Mmd quarter window louvers Black

    Just bought them decided prefer the look with out . Can provide receipt if wanted to show date I got them. 235 shipped
  6. Purple Wheels

    Well i went from black to purple wheels. The green calipers will be going and am going to paint them silver. Plan will be silver stripes with purple pin and then saving for blower and bags. I do like the wheels a lot they are 20x10.5 misanos et 30 i think the rear pokes out more then i would...
  7. Wheel poke help

    So I went with a pretty aggressive set up 20x10.5 et 30 I think all the way around . I’m at stock height as of now the tire pokes in the rear a little more then I want. I plan on going bags eventually but would lowering the car help wheel tuck in more?
  8. Air Suspension Max wheel and tire size?

    So im planning on doing air suspension by the end of summer but first I have to buy my wheels. Im looking at 20x10.5 in the rear with 285 or 295 size tires. Will this work or can anybody give me advice on max sizes I should be doing? Thanks for any help.
  9. Grabber Blue upr emblem kit

    Never installed went a different route on my car. 80 shipped
  10. Sve gt7 wheel owners

    Are these wheels as concave as the p51 wheel? Can’t seem to find any good pictures to show if they are or no
  11. 18 active exhaust tips

    So just picked up a 18 gt with active exhaust . Love the car . Anyways can I just cut the tips off and have new ones put on and keep the active exhaust ? Anybody have any idea I want some bigger black tips lol
  12. Mustang or Audi Help me out

    So I have a 18 mustang gt on order (10 speed) how ever I will be driving 40 miles each way to work now in Chicago . The gas truly isn't my concern. I truly only have one and that's I take my 80 pound shepherd to the dog park weekly. Can this be done in the mustang? The only other car I am...
  13. 2018 gt E85 question and 3.15 or 3.55s

    So I have never done E85 on anything before but I know they usually require fuel upgrades along with a tune. does the 18 just require a tune and then I can run E85? Obviously we don't know how safe it is yet lol Also 10speed 3.15 vs 3.55 I know with the 6r80 the 3.55 was the way to go. how...
  14. Double helix xpipe 2018?

    So ordered my car and now I want to get rid of the resonator . I ordered the active exhaust so won’t be doing a full system . I have heard the xpipe delete and it sounds great. Do you guys think the corsa helix pipe would sound any better or not worth the extra money? It hasn’t been done yet...
  15. One last question before order

    So I'm putting my order in this week in hopes of a April delivery. Gt Orange Fury, 401a, 6mt, active exhaust I cant make up my mind on the black accent package or shaker pro. Im only going to pick one or the other due to wanting to hit a certain price point. Is the black accent...
  16. Color combo help before ordering

    So getting a 18 soon . Would black with red leather interior work with green stripes or would that be silly? Having trouble figuring this out . Between this combo and magnetic with black and purple striping
  17. Drove the 10 speed finally

    So i plan on ordering a new 18 next month. I test drove a 6mt and a 10 speed back to back. I have always been a 6 speed person but holy shit the 10 speed hauls . I may convert. Anyone else converting from stick to the auto and why? Im perfectly capable of rowing my own still I'm just really...
  18. Shaker Pro worth Price?

    So ordering new 18 soon i am sad to see the Shaker Pro as a additional add on. Anyone think its worth the money or just go with the basic and do aftermarket?
  19. Buying advice 17 gt mt or 18 gt mt

    So i had a 17 gt it got totaled and i was shaken up so i went to a F150. So i currently drive a lifted 2015 F150 3.5. needless to say I'm a little bored the truck is great for what it is. I live in chicago so middle of winter at moment. Option A is they have a 17 gt grabber blue premium 6mt...
  20. 17 gt grille upper and lower

    selling grille of my gt upper and lower 75 obo located near chicago possibly can ship if buyer covers cost