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  1. Florida FS: Twin Turbo 2017 Mustang GT: 900+WHP, 12K Miles, $45K!

    Still available! PM me or hit me up on IG (link in my profile)
  2. Florida FS: Twin Turbo 2017 Mustang GT: 900+WHP, 12K Miles, $45K!

    Selling my 900+whp 2017 Mustang GT (base) in Oxford White with 12,600 miles. This car can easily drive hours to the track with the AC on, run a 9-sec pass, and drive right home. It dyno’d 903whp/830wtq @ 15psi before the bumper exits and valvesprings were installed, so it should make a bit more...
  3. Swapping Pumpkin to 3.31 -- Which one?

    Hmm my speedo reads low by about 5-6 mph right now because of the monster tall tires. Does that mean after I change the rear gear ratio, it will still read the same 5-6 mph low? If so, is there a way a Ford computer could recalibrate it?
  4. Swapping Pumpkin to 3.31 -- Which one?

    I currently have 3.15 gears in my car with 315/50/17 tires (29.4" tall!). I believe swapping to these tires from the 305/45/17 tires I used to use caused my gearing to be too tall, slowing the car down. I think switching to a 3.31 pumpkin would be the best move to make rather than going back to...
  5. aluminator with a supercharger

    Don't fall for the low compression boomer talk.
  6. What half shafts did you upgrade to?

    Doesn't look like you'd need aftermarket half shafts if its a 95% street car with the other 5% being autocross.
  7. Lund and Sai Li fuel system..

    I meant unlimited revisions during the tuning process. They'll revise the tune until its dialed in, which is exactly what any local tuner will do (with less experience than Lund guaranteed). You're misinformed if you think a Lund tune is "cookie cutter", unless you're lazy and don't go through...
  8. Lund and Sai Li fuel system..

    How is it a "cookie cutter tune" if you get unlimited revisions? What is your better recommendation?
  9. Lund and Sai Li fuel system..

    I've had the Sai Li fuel system and Lund tune for over three years now. Got me to 900+whp no issue.
  10. My experience with Hellion Top Mount..

    Nice numbers. My tuner said I was having valve float issues as well beyond 12 psi. I did bumper exits, 4 to 1 headers, and valvesprings...I think we're good to go now. But I have the 55mm turbos and GT350 intake manifold.
  11. Keep the Procharger Tune or go for the Lund Tune?

    Go Lund for sure. There aren't any cons other than you have $800 less in your pocket lol. And get the nGauge if you can still.
  12. Fuel System or Not?

    Whichever option you go with, do a Lund tune. I'd say to do the fuel system so that you can run E85 when you want to. You can still run 93/MS109 if you don't wanna make the drive.
  13. Boost drop? Hellion TT w/ EBoost

    I was asking because boost levels may vary between street and dyno due to load differences, but that isn't a factor here. 5.2 60-130 on the street on 13-14 psi is pretty good. Probably has a high 4 in it.
  14. Boost drop? Hellion TT w/ EBoost

    When you did the original tuning and datalogging and saw 14.1 psi, were you on the street or dyno?
  15. Boost questions

    Yes, I believe your boost pressure will go down, horsepower will go up. Is Lund okay tuning your car on that pulley on 93? Their answer is the only one that matters. I believe it'll be just fine, though. I was around that boost level on my D1SC with the 4.88 pulley.
  16. Spark plugs from Amazon

    My NGK 6510 plugs were purchased Oct 17 2020 on Amazon. No missing issues, gapped to .024.
  17. Best Intake Manifold w/ Turbos?

    What intake manifold do you guys think is best for my setup (excluding billet)? Hellion top mount 5562 BB turbos @ 12-15 psi Stock bottom end w/ OPG 6R80 315/50/17 tire 3.15 gears PAC 1234x valvesprings ARP head studs Bumper exits GT350 intake manifold (unported) ~900whp Those mods seem to...
  18. On3 parts on backorder

    lol the stock one is better than that, which I never thought I could say.