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  1. New 2021 BMW M4 manual.

    Beaver tooth! LOL I've been told that the Chinese market loves it...
  2. Traded up for a 2022 Mach-E

    Press the settings button on the steering wheel (little gear image) and open the trip fuel window. Scroll using the up/down arrows until you get to the tire pressure screen. That should get you to the TPMS tire pressure readings. PS: Congrats on the new Mustang!
  3. 2023 GT500

    After 1300 miles, my average (lie-o-meter) mileage is 14.5 mpg. This is for about 50/50 highway vs. city driving.
  4. 2020 GT500 15 inch drag wheels.

    One of the instructors at Track Attack said that the wickers and flap add a couple of 10ths to the quarter mile ET on the GT500s.
  5. 2020+ GT500 Oil Separator canister rattles - somthing loose inside?

    It's installed and I drove it this evening. Didn't hear a thing other than beautiful exhaust music! Thank you all for the replies - I just wanted to make sure it was a normal circumstance.👍👍
  6. 2020+ GT500 Oil Separator canister rattles - somthing loose inside?

    Thanks for the quick reply! It sure does rattle!
  7. 2020+ GT500 Oil Separator canister rattles - somthing loose inside?

    Just began to install the Oil Separator and noticed that it rattles inside like there is a loose bolt or something moving around when I tip it or shake it. Is this normal (like a check valve or something) or should it be silent? I don't want to take it apart and look if it isn't necessary...
  8. 2022 Ebony Black Wheel Touchup Paint ?

    I use this - perfect match!
  9. Floored my new mustang at 650 miles and worried something got damaged

    650 miles was plenty of "break in" time. Your engine is just fine and better for it. Just enjoy it - you're good to go at this point!

    I hear that! I have worked on my own cars for well over 50 years and can still do a lot... but now it is MUCH more painful! Particularly getting down on the floor or creeper - and then there is getting back up 😱. Changing sparkplugs means a week of back pain these days. We all age differently...
  11. Will 5w30 Full Synthetic Prevent Proper Break-In?

    The 20-22 Shelby GT500 comes filled with Motorcraft 5W/50 (XO5W50 QGT) Full Synthetic from the factory. Obviously Ford thinks it will break in properly with full synthetic...
  12. Violent Shaking From Shifter

    It seems likely to me that the vibration is caused by the missing bolt on the driveshaft flange. The sudden appearance of the vibration is likely due to the bolt falling out IMO. It would cause an unstable coupling that would vibrate under certain load and speed conditions. I think this needs to...
  13. fl-2087 shortage situation

    Yes, there should be two O-rings
  14. Issue with locking car

    Good luck! I am waiting another 5 weeks for my 3rd appointment to address this issue...
  15. Issue with locking car

    I have exact same issues with a 2021 F150. I've been to the dealer twice so far - they are clueless...
  16. 2016 GT 500 Fobra - Yay or Nay ?

    +1:thumbsup: I've been there and done that (not exactly same build) and, while it is fun to do, it is a very poor investment.
  17. Plastic flap (shield) blocking oil filter canister on 2021 GT500

    Thanks for clarifying this! Good to know it won't break! That will make the job much easier.
  18. Michelin Pilot Sport 4S vs Pilot Sport Cup 2

    I don't know if it is important to you or not, but the Pilot Sport Cup 2s are worthless and scary slick in any wet conditions at kidding! PS4Ss are decent in wet conditions.
  19. Plastic flap (shield) blocking oil filter canister on 2021 GT500

    No way! I love the guide. It is perfect for the job. I was just curious about the "shield" as I hadn't seen it mentioned anywhere before and was surprised to run into it. I will continue to use the guide, and now I know how to get it on with the shield in the way. You have a great...
  20. Plastic flap (shield) blocking oil filter canister on 2021 GT500

    My flap is the longer version also. Interesting that it shows up on your GT, my GT500, but not the GT350...