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  1. Heel toe - what pedals

    I just went with the Steeda gas pedal and left the stock brake/clutch pedals. The look isn't that different, and getting the gas pedal a little higher relative to the brake (even just the thickness of the metal) certainly doesn't hurt.
  2. Horrible understeer

    Front x-brace? IMO, anything you do with the front suspension needs a solid platform to work from. The front end is pretty floppy without the extra bracing, especially if it's not a PP car.
  3. Steering wheel removal

    CJ Pony Parts recommends a 4mm allen wrench, which is a good indication of size. I found a flat blade screw driver to work a lot better tho. Less likely to slip off. It's still a bit of a PITA tho.
  4. Anyone else have uneven wheel gaps or ride height?

    Interesting that everybody here seems to have the passenger side higher. I measured my gaps and my driver's side was 1/2 inch higher. I say 'was' because after my install of Steeda minimum drop springs the difference is now 3/4". Alignment is spot on, but just like some other comments... It...
  5. Oil Separator Doesn't Quite Fit!!!

    Passenger side is helpful on a daily driver, but a driver's side can won't see anything unless you're really pushing hard. So my assumption is that if your on a track you need both, but for street the driver's side is a potential waste of money. It won't hurt anything, but probably won't catch...
  6. Oil Separator Doesn't Quite Fit!!!

    I know somebody who works for Ford SVT and can ask the Mustang team questions... And they said the same thing. Passenger side is ok if you want, driver's side isn't needed unless you're on a track.
  7. SWAY BARS? Which ones...........

    So you spent a bunch of money and shotgunned in a bunch of new parts... Which might have accidentally solved the problem without actually identifying the original issue? Tell me, have you considered a career as a dealership mechanic? :) Seriously tho, glad it worked out but I was kinda...
  8. What steering wheels do you guys have in your GTs?

    Street driving, it will probably never do anything except be a quick alignment check after you hit a pothole. Road racing, maybe... If you're coming out of a corner and need to do a quick counter-steer catch it might be a good visual reference of where to come back to straight without over...
  9. BMR SWAY BARS w poly bushings installed and now CREAKING NOISES?!?!

    I put BMR sways on and have no clunking, but an occasional creak from the rear on low speed turns. If you have an actual clunk that sounds like something loose, check the end links. There's not much to actually bang around with the bar itself.
  10. Bad ford quality, Cars to replace my S550 GT

    After a 3 decade love-hate relationship with BMWs, the only one that could really call me back would be an E39 M5. That was pretty much the peak of the marque for me. I'd spend new M money to buy and rebuild one of those if I had the option.
  11. Bad ford quality, Cars to replace my S550 GT

    None of the cars you listed are going to be any better than an S550 in terms of cost to own or potential issues. I've owned 8 BMWs, and I am always floored by how much less expensive Mustang parts are. Even doing all my own work, the BMW's are hard to keep up with. IMO, get a Camaro SS 1LE if...
  12. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I have a JLT catch can. Just swap the lines left to right and let it hang in front of the cylinder head. It's been fine for 5k miles that way.
  13. What steering wheels do you guys have in your GTs?

    Guardian Designs will get you really close. Do the Corsa and not the Corsa D (flat bottom), select smooth leather and no noon marker. I did the perforated leather and a red marker, and it's an awesome wheel.
  14. How do you guys “winterize” your Pony?

    Yeah. Take all that money for steel wool and other stuff and just drive it. I've tried everything mentioned to keep mice out of my motorcycle during the winter and none of it works. Steel wool, peppermint, moth balls, etc... Doesn't help. Every time you try to close off one option, mice will...
  15. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    OMG, a Release Engineer! I've worked with enough of you guys to know that even fixing a typo in a previous version demands a new version number. So changing "form" to "from" means an entirely new build, release notes, and at least a smoke-test run. And then it still needs to go through QA...
  16. New Loud Exhaust Law

    That one is interesting. I'd have to say that chambered pipes are *part* of many stock exhaust systems... so maybe the intent there is for only chambered pipes? That one may need some clarification. FWIW, I put an X-pipe on my stock non-active exhaust and passed inspection just fine here in...
  17. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    I'd guess the different versions are more related to updates in other modules of the car, or to include a new VIN range or something much more boring than that. If you download a game patch to recognize a new version of your Nvidia driver, does that really change the game? I'd further assume...
  18. Massachusetts 2018+ AWE touring cat-back exhaust

    Edit: Found another option. Good luck
  19. The Mustang is the last man standing.....again

    Solo, fine. Add a wife, 2 kids, and dog or two and things change drastically. You're the minority in terms of general usage in that scenario. And 700 miles with a 5 min stop would likely be similar for a diesel hybrid.