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  1. Mustang GT Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs Kit Ford Performance 15-22 4.14535

    Ford Mustang GT Eibach Sportline Lowering Springs Ford Performance Specification. PRICE SOLD Complete kit in fantastic condition. This kit is £297.47 brand new. See here where it was purchased from originally...
  2. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    I had these fitted to my last Mustang but the main issue was the sharp protruding corner of the cover was forever getting snagged on the drying towel or clothes if you happen to brush past the car. The cover kept getting pulled off the mirror. The cover also distorted in the heat in the end...

    As above it also needs to be up to the right temperature too.
  4. Lotus Emira, stunning

    I’ve been keeping a keen eye on the Emira release too. The information to date has been very limited by Lotus especially the price of the various models.
  5. Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    The rear splash guards look great. Re the front guard I’ve got the ZL1 Addons Delux Rock Guards which are really good quality Link to pro Couple of old pics for reference of them fitted on mine I didn’t fit the...
  6. Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    So you’re applying wax on to a ceramic coating ? If so that’s not something that is recommended as it can compromise the efficiency of the ceramic coating hydrophobic layer.
  7. Grabber Lime 2020 GT Build Thread

    @WD Pro impressive attention to detail as always. I went about this problem a slightly different route by purchasing a cordless leaf blower which I use to clear the water out of the vents. It is also really efficient at getting rid of the water out of the grills, mirro and the alloy wheels...
  8. 2018+ Quad Exhaust Tips - Nicer Looking Option ?

    I found myself searching last night to see if you can buy the Mach 1 tips as they look great
  9. Ford Dealer Damaged My Car - Bristol Street Ford Worcester

    Nothing too drastic it is lowered on Ford performance spec springs and has a H pipe. The rest of the mods are purely cosmetic in terms of spoilers and splitters. The dealer made no reference to the mods other than because it’s lowered they can only get it on one of their ramps which is causing...
  10. Ford Dealer Damaged My Car - Bristol Street Ford Worcester

    Sorry to hear your experiences and hope you get the Raptor fixed soon. I appreciate occasionally you might get the odd issue with a new car and to be fair I’m quite relaxed about it as long as they fix it efficiently. My issue with Bristol Street Ford is how the dealership operate and the...
  11. Ford Dealer Damaged My Car - Bristol Street Ford Worcester

    Part II - The never ending saga ! So my car originally went in to Bristol Street Ford to fix what sounded like a bearing noise at higher RPM in low gears. Whilst at first glance it appeared they fixed the fault but did a whole load of damage to my car, I’m so frustrated to report that less...
  12. Ford Pass App and second hand cars

    My Ford pass app doesn’t work now. It’s not worked since the last iOS update just sticks on Ford logo screen then crashes each time
  13. Good Insurers - Supercharged Mustang GT

    Another thumbs up for A Plan Thatcham branch, not to be confused with the standard A Plan part. my mods are not even close to the OP so not a fair comparison but for modified vehicles A Plan have been great for me
  14. Covercraft Sun Shades

    This is mine albeit looks a mess because I’ve got a solar trickle charger balanced on top of it currently !
  15. Covercraft Sun Shades

    I bought a cheap one off Amazon for £10 and it fits perfectly. Massively reduces the in car temperature. I can live without the Mustang logo on a sunscreen and save the difference for other car parts :sunglasses:
  16. Mustang GT Project #2

    Not sure what the etching was to be honest. The guys thought it might from leaving a cleaning product on too long and to bake in the sun, but I’m not sure as I’m careful not to wash in the full sun or heat. Either way it’s sorted now and looks great again so I’m happy. Also the ceramic coating...
  17. Mustang GT Project #2

    I noticed recently some etching on the paint that I couldn’t remove whereby it had lost some of its shine also and didn’t want to damage the expensive ceramic coating. So I dropped it back to Extreme Gleam for them to look at and sort it out. As always the guys there didn’t disappoint the...
  18. Mustang GT Project #2

    Small mod done today, I’ve been waiting for these to come back in stock for months now so snapped up a pair as soon as they landed. GT500 style sideskirt extensions There is literally no point washing the car in this weather, hence its shocking state. It is going in to Extreme Gleam to be...
  19. Considering H-Pipe + Active Exhaust

    Same here, the H pipe does deepen the tone slightly and makes it slightly louder. Quiet mode is still relatively quiet and non-offensive (ish) to neighbours in the early hours. It’s still loud compared to a normal car exhaust. Track mode I thought would be louder than it worked out to be...
  20. Hi & Decision Time

    You are not really considering selling are you ? You’ve not long changed from ecoboost