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  1. Grabber Blue GT in the Swiss Alps.

    Here is part one (the route up) to the San Bernardino Pass, from Italy to Switzerland. The video was taken on our route back from the 2017 Monza GP. Feel free to share if you like, thanks for watching guys 'n' gals. [ame]
  2. Cams Mill, South Coast Mustangs.

    Anyone going from here? I hate turning up and being the only S550.
  3. Car handling training

    For anyone interested in the Steeda day but are unable to go, would you be interested in a club day at Milbrook? It is usually for 6 cars and you can learn what your car can do etc.. I see a fair few people interested in cruises, so lets put some go with the show! A leisurely drive around...
  4. One wheel constantly dirty

    Guys, I have had my car for a couple of weeks and whenever I clean the wheels, within a few miles, my left hand front looks like this... [/URL][/IMG] Any ideas what could be causing this?
  5. Anyone around Southampton.....

    ... with a GT running an aftermarket exhaust. I'd love to hear some options before I decide what to buy. I still have 8 months to wait but I'll be buying bit 'n' pieces to make it less painful. I am pretty set on a Roush axle back but I've not heard that or any aftermarket exhaust live, so to...
  6. Grabber blue

    Hi all, does anyone know of a dealer that is getting a Grabber blue mustang in? I have about 6 weeks to make a final decision on colour and I am torn. Sometimes it looks really nice and other times it looks like a baby blue, for want of a better description. I also like Lightning blue...