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  1. Tennessee/Middle TN

    This is a fact :lol:
  2. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Merry Christmas everyone! Here is what I need to know. Is there anyone here that lives in a county that requires emissions, who runs catless headers and maybe has a custom tune? I am looking to go this route but need to know that I will be able to pass the emissions part with no issues. I...
  3. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Mod day tomorrow everyone! If you wanna come by hit me up!
  4. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Once again....I am having a mod day this weekend so if anyone wants to come hang out let me know.
  5. Tennessee/Middle TN

    What happened?
  6. Tennessee/Middle TN

    OK everyone....mod day at my house next weekend! If you have something to install or just wanna come hang's going down. Let me know if your interested and I will get you my address
  7. My AirLift 3H Install - DONE!

    This is SO clean man!
  8. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Jesus Don! You have been busy! I need to ride in this joker now :lol:
  9. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Actually I have been through emissions since I put in the nGauge....and the experience was terrible. You can ask Lund to keep the rear O2's on (which I did) and apparently they are, but I could never get them to go into readiness status to take it through. So I had to put my stock intake back...
  10. Tennessee/Middle TN

    :lol::lol: (goes catless and has to move)
  11. Tennessee/Middle TN

    OK.....who in here is in a county that requires emissions testing BUT is running catless headers and is passing those emissions? I really want to go catless but am in Sumner Co
  12. Tennessee/Middle TN

    In case anyone is interested or happens to know someone who might be interested these are for sale. Shoot me a message and we can talk.
  13. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Welcome! Things have cooled down in this chat but we randomly swing by. I work in Franklin so you might see me drive through every now and then in my DIB.
  14. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Whatever kind you wanna bring buddy :D You can even eat it all arguments from me.
  15. Tennessee/Middle TN

    reminder about this weekend. if you have anything you need to work on or just wanna hang out come on over. i will be working on things myself and it is supposed to be a really nice weekend!
  16. Tennessee/Middle TN

    You need to be fully in on this :lol: That or have one of us come get your car so it can be driven :lol::lol:
  17. Tennessee/Middle TN

    Hey all....I am putting this out there. On Saturday February 18 I am going to have a "mod day". My family will be out of town so if there are things your wanting to do or parts you have been collecting or just wanna hang out....let me know. If you already know where I live feel free to come...
  18. Tennessee/Middle TN

    whoa on hand huh....maybe I might have become unscared :lol: