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  1. Texas - TX2X22 at Houston Raceway Park

    If any of you Texas guys are going to this event on March 16-20, stop into the Mickey Thompson area (main sponsor) and inquire when MT ET Street SS drag radials will be available. The whole country has then on back order. Just wondering what's up with that.
  2. Wheel spacers and Magneride compatibility.

    I was looking for 12-15mm wheel spacers and the Eibach site warns that theirs are not compatible with Magneride. What's up with that? I watched Goose17's vid on changing to longer rear wheel bolts & really don't want to go that route. Anyone know of a good centric 12-20mm spacer that fits a 500?
  3. What rear wheel is this guy running?

    He says he's running 325/30-19 Mickey Thompson ET Street SS. Can anyone recognize the 19" wheels? They kinda look like SVE S350, but those aren't supposed to fit. Best shot is around the 32 sec. frame.
  4. Brake Line Lock actual location?

    Made my first trip to the drag strip last weekend. For an old dude used to toggle switching the line locks, using the app menu was a disaster. Ended up turning off the traction control, doing burn-out & turning TC back on. I was thinking it would be great if one could "hot wire" the line locks...
  5. AutoXing a GT500?

    What are everyone's thoughts about autocrossing a GT500? As far as road courses go, I live in a black hole, 4-5 hrs away, in all directions. AutoX events are held locally by the SCCA at airports & parking lots. I suspect that a Miata will hand me my arse, but it could be fun.
  6. GT500 commercial: 0-100-0 mph on an aircraft carrier!

    Ford Almost Made The Coolest 2020 Shelby GT500 Commercial Ever The commercial was set to show the GT500 go 0-100-0 on an aircraft carrier. More
  7. GT500 pickup / ranchero

    Check it out:
  8. How many 2020 GT500 guys are members of this forum?

    This is probably an Earl question. What is the head count of guys here who have built, in production or assigned vin cars. In other words, of the 5000 total, how many are represented here. When you can quote numbers like that, it helps get the attention of after market manufactures to produce...
  9. If you didn't have a golden ticket you can have a CFTP.

    At Walmart:
  10. Be the first in your neighborhood to have one (of 100)
  11. Anyone with a GT500 live near Orem Utah?

    Brook at RokBlokz needs to get a look at a GT500 to modify their GT350 rock guards to fit. I have sent Jamie's mod link to them, but they really need to see one in person. They are located in Orem Utah.
  12. Hey CFTP guys

    Your cars came with wheel locks and you should have a card in your paper work to register the code. In the past, McGard provided these locks to Ford/Lincoln and kept track of the registration. If you have a registration card, does it indicate the manufacturer and/or part number? I want to order...
  13. Chassis buzz

    Snoopy49, Mar 19, 2020 Last edited: Mar 19, 2020 I just got my car and a couple of questions. Do any of you experience any blurring in the interior rear view mirror at freeway speeds? My mirror seems to vibrate at freeway speed and it affects the image, blurred image. This was posted and the...
  14. How many have bought a Sto n Sho license plate bracket?

    I put mine on yesterday and am pleased with the fit & look. I think I will run with the plate off most of the time and if i get stopped, I'll explain to the officer that I forgot to put it on after the show. :blush: The base itself, hangs about 5/8" below the splitter and is vulnerable to...