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  1. So what do you think?

    You should add sprinkles to that frosting. :)
  2. What rear wheel is this guy running?

    It sure is! I looked all over the web for you to get the details on your set-up, but your YouTube channel does not have the PM function enabled. I pieced the details together with help from the guys here. I don't go to the strip often enough to be worth installing CFTP studs or hubs. Thanks for...
  3. What rear wheel is this guy running?

    THREAD UPDATE: To review a bit, due to the better selection of drag radials in 19" size I was looking for reasonably priced 19" wheels that fit. I purchased a pair of 2020 GT350 wheels (19x11") and verified what YouTuber BluByU posted. The wheel barrel clears the caliper, but the spokes hit...
  4. 2020+ Normal for two exhaust tips to be much darker?

    I just checked on my 500, exhaust valves are only on the inner 2 exhaust tips.
  5. Who needs an FL2087? Act fast.

    I have the only 500 that my small town dealer actually sold, but when I commented that filters were now available he ordered 6 to put on the shelf. I told him that I had 2 and didn't need any, but he ordered them anyway. I tried to explain that somebody might really need them.
  6. Oil Filter Shortage?

    When the supply starts flowing the problem will be just like toilet paper. The first pig to the trough will snag a dozen of them and the demand won't settle down until half the guys have a multi-year supply. Be reasonable.
  7. Shelby GT500 Floor Mats

    They had the "old style" snake on them. You'd think if they were going to offer mats for the 2020+ GT500, they could have put the current design on them. Were they getting rid of old inventory? I took one look and thought, No thanks. It was a fair price for what is usually is way over priced...
  8. Malfunction Indicator Lamp

    Without a battery maintainer connected, due to all the "stuff" on these cars and their tendency to "phone home to momma", they will drop the battery voltage in 2-3 weeks. Due to long stretches of rotten weather, I have had the voltage drop, so now I plug it in whenever I park it.
  9. Oil Filter Shortage?

    I seem to recall that one of the regular guys here is married to an attorney, so I was waiting for someone to say "class action lawsuit". So I went looking for what obligation Ford was under to provide parts and found this...
  10. Texas - TX2X22 at Houston Raceway Park

    If any of you Texas guys are going to this event on March 16-20, stop into the Mickey Thompson area (main sponsor) and inquire when MT ET Street SS drag radials will be available. The whole country has then on back order. Just wondering what's up with that.
  11. 20-22 Shelby GT500 Spare

    I bought a complete kit. The jack has 2 flat areas, at different levels, with a pinch weld slot in between. I would be really hesitant to use it on jacking rails without making up some type of u-channel adapter to cradle the rail and a tab underneath to fit in the p-weld slot. (sort of like a...
  12. FL-2087 oil filter

    I just checked (today) with a Ford wholesaler for a oil filter housing, they are still on indefinite backorder. Supply must still be a trickle.
  13. Barge Board Blockers

    You Jaeger users need to take a look under that gripper area. If you do lose one and can't get a replacement, what are you going to cover the scratches with? An ABS L bracket and 3M 5952 VHB tape is all you need for the top mount on the RokBlokz. They mount with the 3 screws in the GT350 kit...
  14. Barge Board Blockers

    The guys at RokBlokz used the GT350 pattern to cut a 1/2 wider set of flaps to fit the 500. They don't fall off and scratch up the fender lip like that other brand. ☹
  15. 20-22 Shelby GT500 Spare

    My spare arrived yesterday & I fit checked it, front & rear today. Results were the same as Tom & Mike's. As Tom points out, the front caliper tight fit is only at the edge. One thing that I noticed in the first photos was what looked like a lot of offset out of the rear wheel well. It's not...
  16. Wheel spacers and Magneride compatibility.

    I am working only on the rear to put on some 19" wheels for MT ET Streets SS drag radials. On Goose's vid, you have to pull the rear hubs to get the factory (base) studs out. 😖 May have to go the trimmed stud route. Maybe 20mm spacers have enough room so that won't be necessary.
  17. Wheel spacers and Magneride compatibility.

    I was looking for 12-15mm wheel spacers and the Eibach site warns that theirs are not compatible with Magneride. What's up with that? I watched Goose17's vid on changing to longer rear wheel bolts & really don't want to go that route. Anyone know of a good centric 12-20mm spacer that fits a 500?
  18. FL-2087 oil filter

    Well that sucks, I called AutoNation and verified 1 filter housing in stock, (in the gals hand), put it in my cart & placed the order. 7 hours later they email me that it is backordered.
  19. FL-2087 oil filter

    Ordered the last oil filter housing (w/filter) that AutoNation Ford had in stock. After changing oil last summer, I decided it is a good idea to have a spare housing on hand. The hex end seems a little soft & with age could fail. A good way to score a filter and have a spare housing. #KR3Z-6A832-A
  20. FL-2087 oil filter

    I googled Amsoil EA15K43 and did not get a direct hit. Searching the Amsoil site for 2020 5.2 J code (GT500) and 2020 5.2 Z code (GT350?) gives no hits. Where did this filter come from?