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  1. New at cosco

    New at cosco
  2. Your Thoughts on Ford (mustang) Moving To New Car Orders Only

    I see a lot can go wrong. I like to see the car on the lot and drive it. Delayed order dates, cars sold to wrong person, not what you ordered, etc. What about when the discounts expire while waiting? What do dealers do with their large new car lot area? I wont' finance until I have it. Maybe...
  3. Gas guzzler tax question

    Why do our muscle cars get GG tax, but new V8 Jeep Wrangler does not? Worse gas mileage than 500. Something fishy.
  4. GT500 Aftermarket Exhaust?

    All, I have been disappointed in all the before and after videos for the GT500 aftermarket exhausts. I don't hear much difference. Have you heard any good ones in person that are a little louder and deeper.? Will it take headers? I currently have X pipe res. delete. My GT350 was much...
  5. MD Local Car Shows - disappointed

    Good Morning fellow MD'ers. I just moved to MD (Frederick) and so far, a little disappointed. I was in NOVA and had several great car meet every weekend with 100s of cars. Hagerstown Sat. night is only decent one. Frederick is once a month! That is crazy. I went to one by the amusement park...
  6. Maryland front plate

    Moving to Maryland. How strict are they on front plate? It appears in the code that a window mount would suffice.
  7. Where are classic mustangs?

    I've noticed this year that classic mustangs have went up in price and lots are gone off listings. I don't see well done fastbacks for 50-60K anymore. They are close to 100K now. What gives? Funny how a pandemic caused houses and cars to jump up in price.
  8. Tune question

    I drained my battery a few minutes before tune finished. I don’t want to waste 60 bucks on a one time use of battery maintainer. Can I run the tune with jumper cables connected instead? Thanks. -j
  9. Ngauge- need help

    got my first Ngauge and so far not happy. It’s not very intuitive. No directions and very little help online. I’m putting way too mush time in this. Took 20 minutes to find the SD card. Do you turn the car on when plugging in? video says to find car and GT500 is not in the list. Do I pick...
  10. GT500 CV boot issue

    All, I recently got new wheels and the tech noticed the CV boot (rear) was cracked. He mentioned seeing a couple already on new 500s. So glad he caught it. When taking it in they could not remove it so a they ordered a whole new axle. Be sure to take a look. "When a CV boot cracks or tears...
  11. Lead on 2020 GT500 (SB) - Minimal ADM

    Midwest (asking) 5K ADM 5K deposit. December delivery PM me. PS. I have copy of order sheet.
  12. Sale GT500 Wheels or Keep?

    Is it better to sale OEM wheels/tires or keep and put back on for resale? What have you done previously? It would seem that aftermarket wheels won't get much on trade/resale on the car. Thanks. J.
  13. GT500 Magnetic Metallic - Black or Blue Stripes?

    Should I go Black or Blue Vinyl stripes? Thanks! RJ
  14. Why no aftermarket pipes yet?

    Any news from Ford or Borla?
  15. New GT350r listing trends

    I like to do national and regional trends in car sales to collect data sets and stats. I also like opinions from car fans to balance out out theory. Keeping in mind the current shutdowns. Recently, one site fell to 22 new 350R’s. 4 within few hundred miles. Mostly 20s. Few 19s. I’m sure...
  16. What is the sale value? Gt350 supplements

    I ran into the guy who bought my 350 I traded in. I told him all the mods I did. Also told him I had the supplemental goodies that came with. I have the big box and small box With cap . It has sentimental value to me, but I’d like to offer It. What is fair price ?
  17. What is this hole above backseats?

    I don’t remember seeing it before. My kids pointed it out. Am I missing something?
  18. Ok, I'm Bored. What's your playlist?

    Slow day at work. What are your favorite songs to drive (a bit faster) to? Enter Sandman, Holy Diver, and Shout at the Devil come to mind for me. RHCP has lots of great songs. I love me some Led Zeppelin, but nothing gets me driving faster. If anyone says Sweet Caroline or anything cheesy...
  19. Penny pinchers

    All, Since I’m stuck home, brought both my cars insurance down to 1000 miles a year. Saved 25 dollars a month. Also, some states insurance let you garage store at 10 dollars a month. Some require turning plates in. some insurance companies are letting you push your next payment to divide...