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  1. Nifty Shifters

    I bought a knob from them too, but mine was 95 bucks for some reason. Was yours on a sale? Either way, I actually haven't put it on yet. I've seen stories of people messing up the shifter cuz of the lockout, so I'm nervous lol, but I'll do it eventually.
  2. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    When I was waiting for my '22, I saw a '21 for sale that had all the features I wanted, then I saw it was still marked up 3k over MSRP... this was TWO MONTHS ago! Halfway into 2022..
  3. XPlan Price Issue - URGENT

    If you do consider choosing a different dealer, the one I ordered from (in South Louisiana) didn't wrong me at all. Price protection, no markups, no "dealer-added packages" like fake tint. All without me even asking. I didn't sign up for this forum until after I ordered, so I had no clue I...
  4. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Glad to hear it all worked out!!
  5. Trade in options on ordered vehicle?

    I feel that. That's exactly the reason I sold my previous cars so early instead of waiting, gambling that the car market would have slowed down. It didn't, and in hindsight I'd have been much better off keeping my daily, but of course that was then and this is now, I've seen people predict that...
  6. Trade in options on ordered vehicle?

    You should be able to finance at whatever rates their offering now, at least I was able to lock in the rate from order time. They're not super good right now though. Definitely shop around.
  7. Trade in options on ordered vehicle?

    I don't understand why they don't just process your trade at the time the car comes in? The value might be lower, but still. I owned two cars. Sold one right before I ordered my '22, and sold the other about a month after ordering. I was without a car for almost 5 months, but I also work from...
  8. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Dang... can you tell me the winning lotto numbers that week too then? :crackup:

    To be honest, I agree with you. I don't plan to trade it in or anything, buuut if I could go back, I'd probably pick Cyber Orange instead. Always wanted an orange Mustang but thought cyber was a bit too yellow-y. Actually, I really REALLY wish they had grabber lime as an option this year...
  10. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Same config as mine! The digital dash is well worth the extra cost :)
  11. Tracking a Car Shipped By Rail

    You’re much better than me… I checked that damn thing dozens of times a day lol. At least for me, there were only two cars on the load including mine that were headed for my dealer. I’m not sure if maybe the truck had cars for other dealers as well that I couldn’t see.

    I feel that!! The wait is gruesome, but well worth it. Hopefully the wait time gets better soon.
  13. Impressions on new deliveries of 2022’s

    I share in some of your sentiments. In the first two days I’ve owned it, it’s not perfect but I do still love it. I’ve also experienced the rare clunk when going from 1st to 2nd so I try to take it easy (shift at a lower rpm) for a while to help it out. On a couple occasions I’ve noticed a bit...

    Finally taken delivery!! The metallic flecks when looking up close look fantastic…
  15. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Hopefully soon! Did you go take a sneak peak at it on the lot? I went to mine yesterday when I saw it come in…
  16. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    That must be really annoying after an already long wait, any contact with your dealer/salesperson about it?
  17. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    Its ready!! Dealer just called me, the 5.5 month wait is finally over. Going pick it up today assuming financing goes smooth Full timeline so that this isn’t just a bragging post: Ordered: 12/27/21 First Build week of May 2nd received: March 25th Build week pushed back to week of May 9th...
  18. Order Tracking - New way to get more info / United Road

    I think it means the car hasn't arrived at the final railyard yet.
  19. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    United Road tracking shows my car (and a Ford Escape, lol) are in route to the dealership today... this could finally be happening fellas! :party:
  20. 22 S550 Tracking Thread

    I agree with you 100%. But to play devil's advocate, I'm guessing the chip shortage is exacerbating the issue. This is my first time custom-ordering a new car, but from what I've read on forums like these, in the "before times" you'd have a build date at most a couple weeks after placing the...