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  1. Is it huge downgrade to trade in my 2020 GT350 for a Stinger?

    I have both cars. First - the Stinger build quality and reliability have killed the Ford. The stinger just runs, and runs well. Its a pleasure to drive but not nearly lag free. Stinger mileage is also pretty poor so dont really expect much savings at spirited driving. The Kia dealer is great to...
  2. Boosted 350's come on in!

    645wtq ok. Im out
  3. Boosted 350's come on in!

    zero chance a blower only hit 890. The Gen 5 does wondrous things on this car, I wish I had one as I am a gen 3, but it isn't magic. That would be Injectors / fuel system, e85, ice box, LTH, spicy timing hero run.
  4. 4G Modem Disabling Instructions:

    The modems are locked to a Vin. Zero chance this data isn't indexed or easily traced to the Vin. Period. It is a very simple step to bring it together. I work for a rather large data and analytics company, I might have to talk to one of our privacy attorneys. What is Personally...
  5. Boosted 350's come on in!

    Power enrichment, in fords there is a 2d table with rpm and pedal position. There is also a secondary table with commanded lambda typically set to for example .78. Most cals I have seen on new Fords use base fueling table, until the pedal sets the threshold. Now fueling can richen for cat and...
  6. Powerstop rotor failure

    incredibly irresponsible considering they market it for the behavior that causes them to fail.
  7. Powerstop rotor failure

    I am also done with American Muscle. horrible support. They dont stand behind anything they sell.
  8. Powerstop rotor failure

    this has happened with their product before. I am glad your safe but everyone needs to be careful.
  9. Noob and new GT350 owner Whipple questions

    6 rib on mine with a K2 brace and I dont get any slipping at 8500. Some guys are not as lucky.
  10. Noob and new GT350 owner Whipple questions

    OPG - Clutch - Fuel if e-85 - and gt500 coils. none of these are bad ideas. Coils can be overkill but why not.
  11. Boosted 350's come on in!

    It actually feels like I have more throttle resolution, because the range is so much wider with the extra power. Another things many tuners do is make the transition into boost pronounced so they can guarantee the pedal position has you into PE when load goes high. It takes time to drive in...
  12. Boosted 350's come on in!

    Its your calibration. I did my own and the power is very linear with the pedal, drivability is killer, not a on / off switch at all. I smoothed out the valve transitions and spent a ton of time making the speed density spot on and the torque tables just about perfect. pedal position and inferred...
  13. Ohio Thread

    Anyone from north columbus, Sunbury or Delaware area?
  14. MFP posted this about the new vmp manifold...

    Wrong on so many levels. VMP abused its relationship with them, promoted a narrative, sold cheap parts out of tolerance, cut them out of their own design, etc. Patents are expensive and difficult to defend. VMP sent someone else's product overseas to be reverse engineered. Lowest of the low...
  15. What do tuners typically change?

    logs are important, but its so much better if the tuner can hear, and be with the car. I can feel slight problems in the torque tables when driving, that dont show as IPC error, and there is more than that. If you can, always do it in person.
  16. Engine Failure.. It finally happened.

    Alternator x2 1 pre whipple, 1 post whipple Muffler - post whipple, valve shot and frozen one side Exhaust header x3 (All leaked at flex) went to long tubes. Transmission - burned up wouldn't go back into first (2016 tech) Clutch at 14k pre-whipple never tracked or raced - just gave up. wasn't...
  17. What do tuners typically change?

    I adjusted mine so a fuel cut would not lean out the engine, and aso gave it a bit less spark authority so it hits much softer. Before the car would fall on its face hard and it felt unsafe.
  18. Whipple Vacuum Leak?

    800 rpm, adding what I think is a lot of fuel, but then your load and TP% are high. your airflow seems to be high based on fueling, but if that was purely the case I don't know why the car would also be registering that load. check TB calibration.
  19. 2016 mustang gt upgraded but feeling slow!? Anyone else?

    Stock cams on these engines are not that bad. Most aftermarket just move peak power up to match manifolds. If you want the high reving NA engine that's fine but cams like manifolds give, and take. If your not wrapping out the car now to feel the new manifolds benifits, your also not likely going...
  20. Boosted 350's come on in!

    Spec has a really high engagement point and is also lighter. Had to tweak the calibration slightly for the differences at low RPM and Decel.