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  1. Z06 pricing officially announced, starts at $106,395 So what will this do to the GT350/R price?
  2. New Official Shelby GT500 Lego set

    Was randomly looking on and found this. Comes out January 1, 2022.
  3. Thoughts on the 2023 Z06?

    I am posting this here as it is the only other American flat plane crank. It does have pretty impressive numbers. 0-60 in 2.6 seconds six-piston Brembos (Z07 package gets carbon-ceramic brakes) 8600 redline 670 HP Looks are subjective. The manual vs DCT is also a matter of opinion (I do...
  4. Faded paint noticeable after stripe removal?

    I prefer the no stripe look, but they made way many more striped cars than non-striped cars, especially for Kona Blue. I am looking for a non-striped car to avoid this, but may have to settle for a striped car and then just remove them. Worst case scenario is I have the car repainted if there...
  5. New license plate available for Wisconsin drivers.

    Check this out!!
  6. Would you be interested if Ford offered an option to watch your car be built?

    I have always loved watching videos of vehicles being built at the plant. I've always wished car manufacturers would offer an option to either go in person and watch your car be built or provide you with a DVD of your car being built. Would other people want this option? If yes, what would...
  7. 31 Mile 2020 GT350R on BaT

    Anyone looking for a black with black/red stripes 2020 GT350R. This one is brand new.
  8. Anyone running 20" wheels, lowering springs and R splitter?

    I have been going back and forth about the set up. 20" v 19" , lowering vs. non lowering. I easily prefer the R splitter over the non-R. Anyone running this set up? Can you post pictures? How bad is the scraping of the splitter with this set up?
  9. Pulled over for/gotten a ticket for stock GT350/R exhaust?

    I saw this topic in the S550 general thread and I’ve always wondered if anyone has gotten pulled over or received a ticket even with the stock exhaust. Especially with the R. I live in Wisconsin, and am actually a prosecutor, so I know it wouldn’t hold up in court, but it would still be a hassle...
  10. Temporarily stopping Mustang Production

  11. Tim Allen's GT350R plus other cars

    He starts talking about his GT350R at 16:51. He has nothing but positive things to say about the car. I am a little shocked he bought his used (doesn't say what year it is). I would have figured he would have been one of the lucky few to get a 2015 GT350R like Leno. Anyway, he also has a...
  12. Garage Floor Chassis Number Decal

    This popped up on a Facebook group. I thought it was awesome and reached out to the OP but he was less than helpful. Anyone come across something like this?
  13. 2020 GT500 CFTP with 11 miles on BaT

    Not my car. Just saw this pop up. First GT500 on BaT. It has never been titled.
  14. Gen 3 Voodoo Block

    Just discovered this: I am wondering when these started getting punched out and did any 2020 GT350s get one? I pasted the upgrades from the site below: Upgraded version of...
  15. The last GT350 and GT350R configurations

    I think I read somewhere that today is the last day for GT350 and GT350R production (I could be wrong on that). I am just curious as to what the last GT350 and GT350R builds are in terms of specs. I know some members have a lot of insider knowledge/access. Anyone know??
  16. Looking for thoughts/opinions/advice on GT350 purchase

    Hello everyone, I am looking for thoughts/opinions/advice on purchasing a GT350. It has been my dream to own one of these since it was unveiled. Currently, my wife and I are paying off my student loans and I have been telling myself that my reward for paying off student loans will to be buy a...
  17. Wisconsin WTB 2019-2020 GT350 in Kona Blue with Recaros

    Hello all, I am on the search for a low miles 2019-2020 GT350 in Kona Blue. The car I am looking for needs to have the following: * less than 5,000 miles * still under warranty *well maintained (garaged stored) *Recaros *Technology Package * No supercharger or turbo systems. Other bonus...
  18. 2016 Yahoo Autos Epic Ride Of The Year: Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 It just keeps winning!!!
  19. Please Keep Posting Pictures of Taking Delivery

    I thoroughly enjoy looking at everyone's pictures of seeing their car for the first time and taking delivery. Keep them coming please!! It is holding me over until I am able to purchase one. Also a big CONGRATS to all new owners!!
  20. Voodoo Crate Engine

    I see this is a topic in the general S550 forum, but it was mainly discussing the practicality of swapping a Voodoo engine into a GT. I am wondering if anyone has heard anything about Ford Performance offering the Voodoo in a crate engine like they did with the Trinity engine. I have a very...