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  1. 2020 GT500 final productions numbers released yet?

    Seen this topic here and there, but never did see what the final breakdown -was was wondering if anyone has this or if Ford has released it yet?
  2. Anyone here order and install the now-CA legal license plate wrap? it is now 100% legal to order an official DMV sanctioned wrap of your license plate to use in place of your front plate. Has anyone done this? Pros? Cons?
  3. Bay Area: Free Strut Tower Brace Off Of 2019 GT

    Car had less than 1,000 miles when removed. Yours FREE, but prefer local pick up. Send me a PM.
  4. Who has gone thru new California smog since Monday?

    Now that California is checking calibrations in order to pass smog was wondering if anyone has gone through the new smog and would be willing to share their experience?
  5. Anybody going to Laguna Seca Cars & Coffee this Saturday?

    -Goes from 8-10am -Best spots before 7:45 ( get there early!) -Free coffee and doughnuts for early birds A truly amazing spectacle! Last month had somewhere between 700-800 cars easy. Anything and everything comes to this monthly event ...
  6. Anyone shorten jacking rails to make shorter and lighter?

    My goal in purchasing the rails originally was to give me the freedom to jack up the car on one side anywhere between the tires but I noticed I’m only going within a foot of each tire each time I jack up the car not needing the majority of the length. So I was thinking of shortening each side...
  7. Has anyone here actually dyno’d their bone stock gt500? Results?

    Searched, not not finding the answer maybe you have it?
  8. Does anyone have a Modern Spare for their spare tire set up ?

    The kit comes with the wheel spacer in case you have a flat on the front . If you have one I would love to know your opinion
  9. California 305/30/19 Michelin Pilot Cup2 Tires - set of 4

    Taken off of car at 600 miles. Asking $700. Plus have other take off parts from 19 GT pp2 and ‘17 GT PP1. Stock takeoff 2019 mustang GT PP2 600 miles on all parts when taken off of car Complete intake manifold 5.0 engine cover Complete under hood insulation Complete set Michelin pilot sport...
  10. Is it normal for our cars to feel like they are free wheeling a little bit when taking off gently from a stop?

    I’m taking off from a. Pressing down on the Excelerator just a little bit doesn’t produce much movement but you definitely hear the exhaust and see the RPM pick up a little bit before it starts going I’m assuming this is a normal part of the operation from our DCT transmissions?
  11. Free Motorcraft Oil Filter fl500l for 11 &up mustang gt5.0

    It is yours for the taking with local pick up only I also have some other takeoff parts I am willing to give away off of a 19 mustang GT not a whole lot to get excited about but you can decide :)
  12. 305-30-19 Michelin pilot sport cup 2 for sale-set of 4

    Full set of pilot sport Cup 2. Half of my 19 PP2 car. Very low miles. Prefer local pick up( Northern California/bay area). Asking $800 or best offer
  13. Bay Area For Sale: misc. 2019 GT pp2 takeoff parts-Tires, intake, more

    All of the following parts were taken off the car at 600 miles: Complete intake manifold 5.0 engine cover Complete under hood insulation Complete set Michelin pilot sport cup 2, size 305 30 ZR 19 Stock fuel injectors and fuel rails Stock set of spark plugs stock crankshaft damper crank shaft...
  14. What is the approximate market price of a used 5.0 intake manifold for a 2018 and up selling for these days?

    Will be posting up a bunch of parts for my 19 for the intake manifold air intake tube along with complete air cleaner assembly and some other takeoff parts just needed to know what I should charge since I’m not seeing a whole lot of advertisements.
  15. Has anyone done a custom tune without hardware changes?

    Trying to find out if a tune alone will add any noticeable power? My sense is that the car is very well optimized as delivered, but do t want to assume. If you did a tune with hardware changes, what were they and are you happy?
  16. What are you doing for short passengers with a non-height- adjustable passenger seat ? Wife can barely see over the dashboard ...

    Anyone solve the short person problem ? Obviously a wedge shaped cushion might help but then the airbag remains inactive because it won’t sense enough weight ...ugh!
  17. New Owner- question on what the trick was to put the transmission in performance shift mode?

    Before you beat up on me that is correct I did not read the manual yet! So knowing that can somebody please tell me what the trick was to place the transmission into performance shift mode so it will automatically hold the gear to a higher RPM? Thank you and yes I will eventually get to read...
  18. Can i use 19” tires/wheels on gt500 that comes with 20”?

    The gt500 has 305/30/20 front and 315 rear. I have an extra set of 305/30/19”...if i buy a set of 19” wheels for tracking will thiswork? What specifications for the wheels do i need to know?
  19. Power on 91 octane vs. 93

    Curious if anyone knows how much of the advertised 760 HP ( on 93) is lost when running on 91? We’re putting some octane booster in the 91 tank provide enough anti-knock to keep the computer and knock sensors happy?
  20. Better to buy brand new 2021 built to my specification or to buy a leftover 20 that has close specifications?

    Rather than wait months for a new 21 I have located several 20 leftovers built in October. Any quality control or build issues around October of last year or good to go?