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  1. Backfires

    Yup, it's 100% normal. You can get it to do it on demand if you rev it out in gear, then left off the throttle and just barley give it a bit of gas as it's engine braking. It'll sound like a machine gun :cool:
  2. GT 350 engine/exhaust rattle on warm start

    Just about 25,000. Had the car since 2016 with 2.6 miles on it. Still doesn't burn a drop of oil and it gets driven pretty damn hard.
  3. Prices are on the rise......

    Joke's on you. I'll be getting the following and changing up the color scheme to really rake in the $$$
  4. GT 350 engine/exhaust rattle on warm start

    If you take it to the shop again. Let it sit for about 45 minutes before starting it back up. It doesn't do it to me if I turn it off, then turn it back on a few minutes later. It usually does it after it's been up to temp, then turned off for about 45 minutes to an hour. Sometimes it'll happen...
  5. GT 350 engine/exhaust rattle on warm start

    It happens to me on track and during normal driving to the local Walmart. Only happens if the engine gets up to normal operating temps. Never does it on cold starts or if I make a short trip that doesn't get it fully warmed up.
  6. Traction control: Yes or No?

    On the street, I always hold the TC button until everything is off. I've never had TC or Stability Control in any of my cars before and can't stand it when it kicks in on the street when I want to kick the back end out a little. On track, I run Track Mode so it turns TC off but keeps the...
  7. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    Not that I know of. I think any generic one will do. They came with my new wheels when I bought them 4 years ago so I don't really remember. I don't think they are officially Ford TPMS but don't quote me on that.
  8. What did you do to your GT350 today?

    I never paired my new TPMS with a programmer. Just threw the wheels on the car and started driving. It automatically paired with my car after about 10-15 minutes.
  9. TSB 19-2135 - Surge or Hesitation

    Oof...looks like you need a new dealership!
  10. GT 350 engine/exhaust rattle on warm start

    haha nice! Glad to know I'm not crazy. Now....I'd still probably get it checked out one day but at least this is something you can tell the techs when you take it in. I'll probably get it checked sometime before my warranty is up but I'm not in a rush since it's been like this for a few years.
  11. GT 350 engine/exhaust rattle on warm start

    Try doing what I do next time you take it out and see if it stops it. Obviously it isn't a "real" solution but I'm curious if it stops that sound for anyone else too. Like, if I take it out to the store, when I park it I blip the throttle then shut it off. Go inside the store, come back out...
  12. GT 350 engine/exhaust rattle on warm start

    Nope. Haven't taken it in yet. I found that if I give it a little blip of the throttle right before I shut it off, it never on the next startup. I've gotten into the habit of giving it a blip before I shut it off and kind of forgot about it.
  13. O'Reilly On Line Sale HURRY

    Thanks! Just changed my oil last month but bought a case for the next one. It's like getting 2 qts for free compared to how much I spent last time.
  14. Need Help with driveline noise

    Do you think you can get a video for us? There's a TSB out that a lot of us have had to get fixed for bucking and hesitations caused by the Transmission Output Shaft nut coming loose. Maybe that's worth checking out. Hard to tell...
  15. RaiderJatt02's GT350 story, first 1000 miles and beyond...

    Quick little update before I do a few Springtime mods: I recently got married and the Shelby was a central part of the festivities! Once everything was over, I had to have a little bit of fun :cool: And here's a video. I tried to do the line-lock feature but got stage fright...
  16. Oil Change situation

    I've had mine for over 6 years and have done 15 oil changes on it. All with the spin on filter, all torqued down properly. Tracked my car heavily and taken it on plenty of long drives. 24k miles and not a single issue of backing off. The ones that backed off were hand tightened by inexperienced...
  17. How To Detect If A Tune Has Been Done?

    Yup, either that or it's probably running like crap.
  18. Anyone here have Gran Turismo 7? I was able to make a near perfect copy of my car. This game looks so good!

    lol realism is pretty good but it's very hard in a controller with RWD cars. I think it's wayyyyy better with a wheel. The throttle is too sensitive on controller so RWD get loose and kick the tail out way too easily. After each race when you're getting your prize money, you can hear the car...
  19. Anyone here have Gran Turismo 7? I was able to make a near perfect copy of my car. This game looks so good!

    The stock Race Red in the game is a little dark and it took me forever to make the roof black in the livery editor but I think it came out great! The car doesn't sound anything like real life but it looks great and it's pretty damn fun so I'm happy. Anyone else have it? Post up your PSN and...
  20. Honey Badger's Completely Off-the-Rails Build and Adventure Thread

    Oh it'll definitely see some light!