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  1. Exhaust Hangers Rubbing Rear Sway Bar

    Lately at low idle to slow acceleration I've been hearing some clanking or chatter. I could tell it was metal and sounded like exhaust. So I banged around on the exhaust tips and sure enough, clank, clank, clank. I look up under there and the hangers right before the exhaust splits in different...
  2. Ohio New Carroll Shelby Wheels CS-11

    These are brand new. I'm in West Central Ohio. Set of 4 Carroll Shelby Wheels CS-11 Gunmetal Grey Size 20 x 9.5", 40mm offset PCD 5 x 114.3mm (5 x 4.5") ET 40, BS 6.8", Center Bore 70.7mm Made for 2005 - 2022 Mustangs They list at $1,670 + tax Will sell for $1,400 OBO plus shipping if needed
  3. Off-Road Mach-E?

    More interesting than the current model IMO.
  4. Leak at 18k Miles?

    I just found this today. I couldn't see it in the garage so I'm not sure how long. I just happened to be looking at it with a friend outside today. This is the turbo side of my 2020 Ecoboost. The oil cap and stick are on the other side. It appears to be all over that side. Nothing much heavier...
  5. Car Happy to See Me?

    I can't determine what the sound is, but my car makes noises sometimes when I'm around with the key. I thought it was only after I drove it and locked it when I got out. But it's done it a couple times when I run out to the garage. I thought maybe it were the locks, but the noises aren't the...
  6. Show Off Those Graphics

    I can't decide if I want any graphics on my car or not. I've looked at several online. But, there are infinite possibilities out there. Curious what's out there I haven't seen. Please include what graphic or brand it may be.
  7. Silver Bullet Build

    Ironically, my first car was a 1978 Mustang II Coup with the inline 4. That was over 20 years ago and I was 17. The body and paint looked amazing but had a lot of mechanical issues. If I had it now it would be an awesome project. Wish I could go back and smack myself for trading it. All my...
  8. Mechanical BOV Void Warranty?

    Do you think a mechanical BOV will void a powertrain warranty? I think my transmission needs flashed even though it's a 2020. Anything other than normal mode, it shifts really hard from 1st to 2nd. Like it sticks in 1st gear to long even if you're not getting on it. Looks like I don't know how...
  9. Lost a Customer

    Purchased my first round a couple weeks ago, nearly $1,500 in parts. I was excited about the speed of shipping. Was disappointed my Airaid intake box looked like it went to war but had my car torn apart already. I know how to fix it with a heat gun. Get a coupon for $100 off my next purchase...