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  1. Florida Mishimoto Intercooler (silver)

    Selling my Mishimoto Intercooler. Used for about 10-12k miles, still in excellent condition. Silver color gives the most factory appearance when installed. PRICE DROP: $200 plus actual shipping costs. Located in Orlando
  2. Florida WTT: MRR M350 19x10” wheels/tires for stock

    Wanting to trade a set of 19x10” squared MRR M350 wheels in gloss black with 285/35-19 Firestone Indy 500’s for your stock 18” wheels. M350’s are gloss black, and we’re purchased from PK Auto about a year and a half ago. Combo has about 10-12k miles on it, but the tires have about 6/32 left all...
  3. Feeler: trade your stock wheels for my MRR M350 wheels?

    Planning to sell the car soon, probably do better by selling the parts separate than to sell it as is. Anyone with a set of stock 18’s interested in trading them plus some cash for a set of 19x10 M350’s in gloss black with 285/35-19’s on all 4 corners? Wheels and tires have approx 10k miles on...
  4. Need replacement lug nuts for MMR M350 wheels

    Just as the title says...lugs that came with the wheels all have the clear coat peeling off and look terrible after only one year. Anyone found a decent quality lug that will fit the small opening of the MMR wheels that’s not a spline drive? The only splines I would consider are McGard, which...
  5. FS: OEM Passenger tail lamp ***SOLD***

    I have a passenger side tail lamp removed from a 2015 Mustang EB that's in mint condition, no fogging, and all lamps work perfectly. These sell for well over $1000 at your local dealer, and for $600 shipped online. ***SOLD***
  6. tweeters that fit under stock grille??

    Has anyone found a drop-in replacement tweeter that will fit under the OEM grille yet? I am starting to look into replacing the fronts, but want to stay as stealth as possible with the install, and like that the OEM grilles match the door panels as well.
  7. instrument panel boost gauge

    I have noticed that some cars appear to have a 20psi gauge on the dash cluster while others have a 30psi gauge. Curious if this is something that can be modified with a different IPC firmware or as-built modification. With that said, I'm interested in seeing what years and models have which...
  8. Ecoboost Premium 18" wheels/tires/tpms

  9. CFL alignment?

    Got a set of BMR springs on the way, so I'm curious where everyone is getting their alignments completed at around here? I've heard about Tredalign, but haven't heard any other recommendations.
  10. BMR SP089/SP082 setup on ecoboost???

    Anyone have any experience with the SP089/SP082 BMR spring setup on an Ecoboost? I'm looking to start the mods on the car with suspension, but don't want to lower the car much at all, and these seem to be the perfect stance. Been pondering this combination with the CB005 and M350 wheels...
  11. enabling HD radio on MFT Sync 2

    Since we know OEM navigation can be added to the MFT Sync 2 system, has anyone ran across a way to enable HD radio? I have spent some time with forscan and a few as-built files from cars with factory enabled navigation/HD, and have not been able to find the right mod needed to enable it...