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  1. Exhaust Hangers Rubbing Rear Sway Bar

    I took everything loose a week and half ago. Twisted and pushed everything towards the downpipe. Everything is bottomed out in the clamps. I made sure the pipes were connected before tightening the clamps. It's rubbing enough it's wearing the rear sway bar. I fear it would wear through the...
  2. S650 vs S550 Mustang Direct Comparison Prediction Look Rendering

    Looks like Ford is going to start making Camaros.
  3. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    At the store, at the back of the lot. Far away from other people.
  4. Exhaust Hangers Rubbing Rear Sway Bar

    Lately at low idle to slow acceleration I've been hearing some clanking or chatter. I could tell it was metal and sounded like exhaust. So I banged around on the exhaust tips and sure enough, clank, clank, clank. I look up under there and the hangers right before the exhaust splits in different...
  5. How many S550 Owners don't use all the Tech available to them in their S550?

    I love Android Auto in the car. Occasionally I change what mode I'm in when driving, if it gets spirited. I set up my color sync once to make it the way I like it. I do use the track apps occasionally. I had to have heated seats and cooled was even better. I rarely use the paddle shifters. I...
  6. jacking rails

    I would check you're looking at the right holes on the car. BMR fit perfect on my 2020 EcoBoost. Probably my favorite mod as it makes lifting the car so much easier and safe IMO.
  7. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    This just reminded me the other day, I thought I saw my first Mach 1 in my area. I live in a very rural area so I've never seen one that wasn't at a car show. Dude got me. White with what looked like the Mach 1 vinyl. Wrong. As I got closer I noticed the vinyl wasn't right. And there was no...
  8. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    After adding the new spoiler. Ready for the car show.
  9. Silver Bullet Build

    Finally got my spoiler back from paint. Just in time for the car show tomorrow. Subtle, but better than the factory bar. I like it
  10. Random thoughts.......................

    I would never, lol. I know better. He's a small shop and the heat and humidity are killing him. He only has one booth fully climate controlled and he has cars in and out, and I need a spoiler done. He does great work on color matching. So, I'll wait.
  11. The Mustang is the last man standing.....again

    I don't understand why we can't have both. Other than lobbyists on both sides in Washington. Using gas and electricity make the most sense. More people using EV's will reduce the demand on gas lowering the cost. Will also reduce emission for all those worried about the environment. Most gas...
  12. Random thoughts.......................

    I found what's worse than waiting for the courier to bring your car parts. It's waiting on your painter to finish your car parts, lol.
  13. Tire Lettering

    I saw a kid on YouTube fully blacked out GT with white NITTO lettering. It looked great on a dark car. I think car color and wheels will determine if it looks good. Maybe how much sidewall you have. I don't think they'd look good on my setup. I considered after seeing that black GT. Not sure...
  14. tool to torque top strut nut

    I run the nut down with my impact, let off some of the pressure on the coil, then hit the impact again. Tightened when the strut was back in the car.
  15. New Into Mods

    Unless you have an upgraded intercooler, you should be running stage 1. Add the intercooler go to stage 2. I think stage 3 is for upgraded downpipes. I've been playing around with modes since I installed my tuner. I think drag is the fastest take off, but not that fun to drive in. Most the...
  16. 87...89...91..93..Octane ??

    I have an EcoBoost running 93 with a 91 octane stage 1 Cobb tune. Getting 19.5+mpg even with spirited driving. I won't put anything less than 93 in it as long as I run a tune.
  17. BMR SUSPENSION'S S550 Lowering Springs: STANCE PICS!

    This picture looks like it's sitting right. I think they've settled. BMR performance lowering springs. 1.2" front and 0.5" rear drop.
  18. Do you take cell phone pics constantly of your s550 ? Post them here !!!

    Sitting outside while I get the Jeep ready for vacation.
  19. Microfiber Towels/Cloths and Comments

    I just buy the bulk pack at Advanced Auto. Can't remember count, but it's a lot. Not good for drying as they're kind of thin. I used them for detailing, buffing, interior, wheels, exhaust tips. When they're filthy, I just pitch them. Being in maintenance for years I learned not to trust washed...
  20. FYI: Got scammed on here by a member...

    I noticed in the classifieds the pic with name/date isn't being enforced either. I saw a few sales go threw that never had the appropriate picture.