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  1. 2020 Ford Track Attack Sonoma Raceway 9/19/2020 Video link attached

    I'm an amateur at these videos. Here is a POV from Sonoma 9/19/2020
  2. 16yr old drives 2020 GT500

  3. 2020 GT500 Track Pack Wheels Replicas?

    Has anyone started making replicas wheels yet? I have a Base GT500 but dont like the stock wheels but like the carbon pack wheel in a gloss black would be awesome!
  4. Cars & Coffee (central valley) 3220 Countryside Drive Turlock CA Starbucks 8am

    Should be a good meet for local central CA. Cars & Coffee (central valley) 3220 Countryside Drive Turlock CA Starbucks 8 am
  5. Stang up The Bay Sunday April 24 Central Ca, Sacramento Bay Area

    This event was scheduled last moth but canceled due to rain. Looks like there shold be a great crowd. I'm coming up from Central CA. How many of us are going?
  6. Dyno Day Phase 1 Roush 670 Tune

    I finally broke the car in and wanted to see what kinda of numbers it puts down on a Dyno. Stock Roush tune Phase 1 only mods I have is a MBRP cat back. Did 2 pulls on a Dynojet first pull was in 4th gear (wrong gear) @ 6800rpm second pull was 5th gear right after ( a little heat soak?) also @...
  7. Cars & Coffee 04/02/16 Treasure Island San Francisco

    Looks like a big show tons of great looking cars. I will be there anyone else going? We can cruise up there together. Should be a blast
  8. Brand New 2016 GTPP Wheels Black 1.9 Miles

    Hi, I am getting Wheels put on my New GT and would like to sell my GT PP wheels only 1.9 miles. Rims are off dealer has already put on my new wheels. You'll get the wheels, stock Pirelli's, TPMS and lugs. They have about 1.9 miles on them PEREFECT condition. I'm asking $1,300 for everything...
  9. Help me figure out ship date. Picture attached

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place. Can you guys chime in on this. Ordered 10-24-15 was told 8-12 weeks for because the holiday shut down. Does this mean I will have it by 2-11-16? FordService or any one else that can help. Thank you guys:ford:

    Now can I get the 50% off deal also :D
  11. Sound clip request of MBRP Street Catback if possible with a Blower

    Hi guys I have learned so must on this forum lurking around for a few months now. I've searched this forum and YouTube but cant find what I'm looking for. Some help please. Is there anyone here that has the MBRP Street exhaust with a blower also installed. I would love a sound clip. Thanks...