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  1. Looking for a set of new take off tires from a 2020R

    If anyone has any leads please send my way. The newer the better. I like to have tires date coded to match year of the car. Market section is dead so I apologize for posting here. Thank you Dom
  2. Illinois WTB Velocity Blue GT350R

    In the market for a Velocity Blue R. Lower the miles the better. DM me if you have one that you may consider selling. Not looking for something for nothing. I’ve owned a few of these and will not waste your time. Thank you!
  3. Anyone planning on removing stripes?

    Blasphemy I know but I’m not a stripe guy, especially when they are stickers. I think the Mach would look great sans stripes. Does anyone have pictures of such car? Really want to order a new Mach in velocity blue to replace my PP2. Thank you guys.
  4. Illinois 2020 Velocity Blue PP2 Mustang GT 750 miles

    2020 PP2 Mustang GT 401A loaded with every option but active exhaust. Rare spec with the recaro seats with the blue stitching. 753 miles and perfect condition. I special ordered this car from Ford and took delivery non dealer prepped. Car has never been driven hard or driven in anything but...
  5. Modifying active exhaust valves to be open all the time?

    Hi my 2020 GT did not come with active exhaust. My question is if I buy the mufflers, can I remove the valves so that they are open all of the time? I know people say there is a significant difference in normal vs track mode but I honestly don’t think it is that drastic from all of the YouTube...
  6. WTB 19-20 White stripe delete R

    Hopefully some one has a lead on one. I would prefer new or something as close to new as possible. I just missed a new one that I found on Autotrader. I wouldn’t mind a 16-18 but I really love how the red seat inserts look with white. Thanks guys
  7. Strong selling price for an R on Bring a Trailer

    I was happy with the result of this auction especially when you tack on the 5% buyers premium. I always like knowing what these cars actually sell for. I look at eBay as well but you have to take the “completed/sold“ listings with a grain of salt, the majority of them say sold for X but that...
  8. 2019 Gt350 production numbers now available Looks like we will finally be able to obtain this information.
  9. In the market for a 2020 PP2- is production over?

    Hi all, I’m not finding any new PP2s on autotrader etc. is production over for 2020? I’m assuming they won’t be bringing the package back for 2021 with the introduction of the Mach 1. looking for velocity blue if anyone knows of any. Thank you Dom
  10. Illinois WTB Gt350 car cover

    Doesn’t have to be new, just needs to be in good shape. Prefer 350R but will take the regular 350. Thank you
  11. How to protect inside of hood from air box chafing?

    Hi all, I know this is a known issue and I have not seen it on my orange fury R probably due to the lighter color. My performance blue R has 50 miles now and I’m already noticing the damage the air box is doing to the inner hood. I’m hesitant to put PPF in that location due to my fear that the...
  12. Is the 350/350R cabin engine noise synthetic?

    Can anyone confirm that Ford is not pumping fake engine noise through the speakers? Sometimes I get the sense that it is but have not found anything on this topic. So many manufacturers are doing this now so it would be a shame if that was the case on the 350. Thank you for the replies
  13. Local dealer has a CFTP on the ground Yikes. On a positive note I love that color combination
  14. Received my certificate or origin, now what?

    Hey guys I just received this from my dealer on the purchase of my 19’. Excuse my ignorance but what is this document and what do I do with it? Thank you
  15. Did my dealer forget to remove rear shock spacers?

    See attached. Looks like the rear is sitting too high. Are there spacers in the front as well? And if so are they yellow? I couldn't see them up front
  16. Help me decide between Velocity Blue and Performance Blue

    I know color is completely subjective so I’ll keep that in mind. I love both colors and can’t decide on which direction to go. Does anyone have pictures of the 2 next to one another? I like the pearl in the VB but in direct sunlight it seems very bright. give me your thoughts on which you...
  17. Need advice on when to change break in oil

    My 18’ 350 R has about 100 miles on it with the original oil. Would you recommend changing it before winter storage? from what I understand the break in oil is there for a reason and at this point I may never hit 1000 miles
  18. Replacing OEM seats with recaros 19’ Mustang GT 401a

    Looking at a heavily discounted 19 GT 401a that has everything I want except recaro seats. It’s a performance pack so how easy would it be to swap seats? And how expensive from ford are they? The savings may not be worth it if the seats are too expensive. Thank you guys
  19. GT350R with 325s in rear?

    Need to swap out my SC2s for some Michelin Pilot Sport 4s. Can decide is I want to go 325 in rear or 305 on all corners. Anyone have pictures of the wider set up they can share? I realize most run a square setup but looking for options thanks guys
  20. Are people this stupid?

    Anyone else with a 19’ R allocation want to make a quick $25k?