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  1. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    Take either gen GT4 and do this
  2. May be entering the fray again. M1 available for '23 MY ?

    A note on the links to I was told once that not all dealers are going to show up on there. Wouldn't it be a good idea to call Ford customer service and have them search for you as well?
  3. May be entering the fray again. M1 available for '23 MY ?

    Oh of course. I'm not concerned about the most powerful (or I'd be figuring out how to afford a GT500) or the fastest in general. However, I know this guy from some track events so he knows I want a good track car (road course). I really like my PP2 but it does have a few glaring weaknesses...
  4. May be entering the fray again. M1 available for '23 MY ?

    Talked to someone I know inside Ford Engineering. I asked if the Mach 1 would be around for 2023 or if 2024 was bringing something I should look at for a track car. He said, "I would pay special attention to the Detroit Auto Show next month if I were you." I believe that means I should wait...
  5. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    I think ADM will put that will above $100K. I would have jumped on a brand new 2020 GT350R if I had the $100K at the time.
  6. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    Probably down payment on Porsche GT4RS assuming I just ordered pretty basic spec without the Weissach package or too many other add-ons. Also assuming there would be no markup (dream on). And while were making arses out of u and me if I was given $100K to just spend I would actually end up...
  7. Rear Diff Cover

    That's been my experience so far with wrap and RP 75/140. I've only received the warning a few times in 3 years. Will see what happens when I move to stickier tires though. As a backup I use one of the Ryobi methods. I have the Ryobi battery powered sprayer and one of their smaller leaf...
  8. PP2 Registry

    Plus you can build your PP2 how you want it. Make it better than a Mach1 and still have money left. Sure resale would be better on a M1 if that matters to you.
  9. Best bang for buck bolt on mods for daily driver 2019 GT PP2

    This might do the trick +42 lb/ft of torque at 2,000 rpm +19 hp at 6,500 rpm +18 lb/ft of torque at 4,500 rpm
  10. PP2 Registry

    I've been considering the GT500 "swing" on mine as well but I've been thinking about the Steeda Race wing and the APR GTC-200 also. The APR reminds a bit of the GT500 track pack wing and should provide more downforce then the "swing" I would think. I also plan to vent the hood and possibly...
  11. APR Splitter Mounting

    I had heard the "swing" made more down force than the GT350R replica. Interesting. Who makes the best 350R replicas? APR does have an option for the PP cars that doesn't block off the factory tunnels. I would consider options for better mounting if I were to try it. Maybe I'll just start...
  12. APR Splitter Mounting

    @Flyhalf Thank you very much. I might start with a ZL1 or APR as a slight upgrade first along with the GT500/Mach1 handling pack spoiler with the gurney flap. I think that might be a good balance before I start building my own splitters and upgrading to a real wing down the road. Though I...
  13. APR Splitter Mounting

    Do you happen to have a more detailed write up on your setup with the parts you used to mount it to the subframe? Did you get yours down to 3" off the ground? So the quick latch on the bumper just allows for easier removal if needed? I like the ZL1 option with the fender extension. However...
  14. APR Splitter Mounting

    Which splitter do you have? Is the APR splitter an upgrade over the PP2 splitter? I'm planning downforce upgrades next year and looking at Race Louvres, larger rear spoiler/wing and upgraded front splitter.
  15. PP2 Registry

    I'm working on the same thing except eventually I plan to replace the front grill entirely then put the red howling coyote emblems front and rear. Like the Shelby emblems. Planning to get the GT350R steering wheel soon and GT350 shift knob. I like the idea of my kona blue car with black and...
  16. PP2 Registry

    Front pony emblem, side 5.0 emblems, rear GT emblem
  17. PP2 Registry

    I don't think so. I saw two non PP (1 or 2) cars yesterday that both had the same rear spoiler as my PP2. I'm thinking about getting a new trunk lid and putting a larger wing on mine as I build towards the aforementioned track car. Either that or just replace the PP2 spoiler with a...
  18. PP2 Registry

    Congrats! Surprised to see a PP2 with less miles than mine. Only about 9K on my 2019 but trying to put more on it. Though I have a 2-5 year plan to make it a semi-dedicated track car.
  19. Is this guy serious?

    I would agree if thinking from a pure money-no-object collector standpoint. I bet a non-radio or a/c optioned 2015 would be the holy grail of GT350R's. I think those numbers were low. Which is why they dropped the option in like 2018 I think it was.