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  1. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Yes definitely disconnect
  2. Aero: Swing + Gurney Flap vs. GT350R Wing

    Part of it may be if you have the smaller splitter and didn't change it out to the R splitter. R splitter combined with swing would be almost as much downforce as the R wing. I think at 125mph the swing and gurney produce 235lbs and R Spoiler has 300lbs. Use the R splitter and I'm betting it...
  3. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Ok got the throttle body installed this weekend and had the chance to drive it about 50 miles. First things first it's a well made product and you can see the work done to smooth out the airflow beside a stock TB. After the two 3 min idle sessions the first thing I noticed as others have said is...
  4. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Didn't know about the two idle sessions but it makes sense for the computers. How long for an idle session/how long in between the first and second?
  5. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Saw that on the other thread so now all of us OCD people can rest easy. Minimal benefit to probably a couple hundred extra if not more $$ in machine work. Mine has shipped and will update as others have done once installed. Will do some rev match downshifting and 1st through 4th pulls south of...
  6. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    I love this forum/thread haha we can have pages talking about a dimpled shaft
  7. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    FASTC8 took $22 off my order. That’s the best I could find
  8. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Really? This is just plain confusing now unless your pre-production throttle body was not an OEM unit and then in that case how did they solve the TPS digital signal issue @Duece McCracken brought up above.
  9. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Anyone talked to Mike with Soler about this dimple if it has any effect? Like others in this thread I’m OCD and want the dimple if there is a benefit even though there have been rave reviews on what he is sending out without the dimple
  10. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Just ordered mine can’t wait to get it. Going to try it out without the throttle controller and then get it if needed.
  11. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Any insight on my post above from them?
  12. Soler Engineering Throttle body

    Does the controller alter the factory ECU throttle inputs thus voiding warranty? About to order a brand new ported 91mm and keep my factory TB but I just assumed the controller would have to change something the ford techs could find if my engine ever blew.
  13. High-Flow Catalytic Converters

    Haha yes if you have the money do as you please. The 2nd version looks to be a quality product. For the risk of something breaking, this was referring to a post I saw @honeybadger make where he talked to I believe a Ford engineer that told him anything outside of the OEM cat setup with the...
  14. High-Flow Catalytic Converters

    While they may be hard to get off nothing will ever compare to the OEM cat setup and vibration dampers that went through thousands and thousands of hours of testing unlike Fabspeed. With this said, if these power claims are backed up will definitely look into purchasing, but if they don't I...
  15. Dyno results - seem low?

    Yes but the factory ECU will only adjust somewhat for timing like the same it does on race gas with a factory tune. The true gains come from a custom tune adjusting different parameters. The 50-55whp gains they claim is not reasonable at all. Gains like that come from an E85 tune along with...
  16. Dyno results - seem low?

    Your gains from E85 would come with increased timing from a tune/different injectors. Without this you do not gain nearly as much.