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  1. 16 or 17.

    I think all years have suffered from the oil cooler issue, not sure about the face lifted ones though, they maybe ok.
  2. How many S550 Mustangs in UK?

    Winter is here, guess that's the reason
  3. Berkshire Meet - Saturday 21st December 2019

    Oh god what have I started....Sorry
  4. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Might pop to the Newbury meet then if it's this Saturday, minus the car tho as it's hibernation time
  5. Killer Deals on Velgen Wheels! for Black Friday

    Thanks but I love the way it looks already, that's why I went with the Velgens because I didn't want spacers and wanted to keep the stock height.
  6. Killer Deals on Velgen Wheels! for Black Friday

    The above photo is of my car with the VBM9s, the car is stock height, hope this helps.
  7. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    I'll have to start wearing my glasses more often, do they still do the Berkshire meet? Haven't seen it mentioned on here for yonks.
  8. What did you do to your UK S550 Mustang Today

    Hey Kristian where you living now? You In Newbury still? Haven't seen your car around town for a while.
  9. Strut Bar

    If you do get it from Ford make sure you check it before you leave, there has been a few paint issues with these and I opened 2 up before finally finding one that was near perfect with no scuffs on it.
  10. Digital Dash, blank not working

    I always wondered whether this would be an issue at some point, glad I've got a boring manual speedo now. Hope you get it sorted though.
  11. "Sleeping" keyless entry fobs

    I only relax when both keys are in my pouch and I try opening the door handle with the pouch in my other hand.
  12. Gearbox and/or clutch issue

    It maybe the thrust bearing, lots of cars seem to have this issue, both of the S550s I've had did it.
  13. small paint laquer issue

    When they first landed here in the UK quite a few people had this problem, the bottom of the black plastic which has the Pony/GT logo on it would rub on the bumper.
  14. Paint Protection Film - The Bad and the Good!

    It really depends how your mind is, I've got terrible ocd and after my first mustang got stone chips all over even after only 3000 miles I wasn't going to make the same mistake with the second. I feel much better and don't worry half as much now I have full ppf on the new car.
  15. Underseal - garages recommended Central Scotland

    Just be careful re underseal, I'm no expert in this field but for me getting a car undersealed means putting underseal on existing undamaged paint, I know some people who before applying it sand the underside of your car (causing scratches down to bear metal) before applying, to me that defeats...
  16. Should I be worried - interior windscreen condensation (again!)?

    I'm sure someone has tipped you off but over on the Mustang unleashed Facebook site someone has posted a photo of their cars window and it makes yours look good, take a look if you can.
  17. Should I be worried - interior windscreen condensation (again!)?

    I often find (in any car) that if I've been using the air con (even weeks before) the moment it rains or I put the heater on the windows all fog up.