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  1. GoFastBits DV+ BPV Upgrade impressions

    Ordered mine this morning from Amazon. $139.50 w/ free 2day prime shipping.
  2. Carbon Fiber Exhaust Tips

    I wonder if these could fit the stock mufflers?
  3. Boomba Racing Short Throw Shifter

    Installed this morning and loving it. Much more comfortable to drive now. The nut used to extract the stock shifter siezed during removal so you guys are getting a stock shifter back w/ your tool. Hope thats ok.
  4. Muscle, meet precision. The AWE Mustang Performance Line: NOW LIVE.

    Welcome guys! Cannot wait to see what you've got up your sleeves! I've had nothing but great experiences with yall from my many VW's in the past.
  5. Short Throw Shifter - Boomba Racing

    Trying to order the shifter & install tool. Im being charged $19 for shipping when your main page says free shipping over $100. Am I missing something?
  6. NXT Step Performance?

    Guess Ill be the guinea pig. Ordering tomorrow.
  7. NXT Step Performance?

    Anyone heard one of these? Price is stupid. Just wondering if it's loud and raspy or a bit subdued.
  8. EcoBoost Mustang Ultimate Exhaust Thread

    Any coupon codes? Im just about ready to pull the trigger. :cheers:
  9. "Cold" car won't shift.

    10 Days later and I finally have my car back. Changed gears on the 60 second drive back to my office. They replaced the following: 4M5Z-11A152-A - CLUTCH SWITCH 6G9Z-11A152-A - CLUTCH SWITCH FR3Z-7A543-B - MASTER CYLINDER Clutch pedal feels awkward now. Grabs right at the top and is super...
  10. "Cold" car won't shift.

    Just heard back from the dealership. The clutch pedal is not resetting fully. They ordered a master cylinder to see if that fixes the problem. Should be in tomorrow.
  11. "Cold" car won't shift.

    Dropped it off this morning. Will update when I get it back.
  12. "Cold" car won't shift.

    On a 4 month old car with under 3,000 miles? WTF Ford?
  13. "Cold" car won't shift.

    Ive owned many M/T vehicles, mostly German. Until this year I lived in CT where it gets cold all winter and have never had any issues like this. Now living in Myrtle Beach where its been 45-50 for the last few weeks, and when I go to start my car in the morning or after work it refuses to go...
  14. WTB: Invidia Q300 Ecoboost catback

    Wife gave me the go ahead to spend $400 and I only really like the sound of Invidia. Help a brother out. :cheers:
  15. FS: Turbosmart dual port bov

    Still here?
  16. Turbo Sound in Cabin

    :lol: :doh: :frusty: :eyebulge: :shrug: :crazy: :headbonk: :hitcomputer: :bolt:
  17. Anarchy motive shift knob

    Just a non-engraved asphalt black Atlas :cheers:
  18. Anarchy motive shift knob

    Its torture every time I come in here. USPS seems to have lost mine :frusty:
  19. Latest update from Ford Performance Tune

    F&I manager of 15yrs now. You absolutely can cancel at anytime. If you still have a lien on the vehicle the cancellation amount gets sent to the lien holder and is applied to the loan balance.