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  1. GR86 from a Mustang GT PP (modified) owners (and Dads) long perspective

    I got lucky and scored one last weekend and I love it !
  2. GR86 from a Mustang GT PP (modified) owners (and Dads) long perspective

    I sold my Mustang and ordered a GR86. I'm very excited to get it, hopefully I have it before summer is over.
  3. Florida 2017 GT Premium Manual Performance Pack

    i sold mine to a dealer for 32k. they are selling it for 38k. 6k for me was well worth the headache of dealing with private party sales, test drives, and title transfer. Oh and the headache of owning a ford.
  4. Steeda VS Saleen VS Roush VS Shelby VS Foose

    For me it depends on the car. The 99-04 saleen, 07-08 shelby gt, the 13 -14 roush, shebly owns the s550. IMHO, steeda and foose are not in the same class as shelby, roush, or saleen.
  5. New Mustang Front End Leaked

    It's hard to see the details on a black car, but it looks like the grill and lower part of the front fascia are separate pieces.
  6. What if 6th gen Camaro looked like this (3rd gen inspired)

    Kind of looks like the trans am kit you can get for the camaro. Sigh... I miss the trans am. Driving past the last gen ws6 always breaks my neck.
  7. Has Anyone bought/installed the HGP Louvered rear quarter windows?

    I want these so bad. This 100% my next purchase. I think they look wicked!
  8. Ford Recall 2015-2017 mustangs for Backup Camera Issues

    I got the letter too, never had a problem with my camera, however, I turn my head and use my eyes or my mirrors when I back up, the camera is just an added bonus. If it were distorted why on earth would someone still continue backing up? Always remember when ever you see something safety related...
  9. 2016 GT base , can it be made into a PP1

    The ford performance street handling pack is the suspension on the pp1, but the springs on the kit are better than what came on the car. I'm in the same boat converting my 17 gt/cs to a performance pack car. For me though, spending another 50k on a new car when I can just spend a few thousand...
  10. Well its been fun s550 family but i sold my 2016 gtpp and bought a 2014 GT500

    One thing for sure is if I had keep my 13, I would have done the 3:73 rear gears as the stock 3:31 is just too tall. I thought it would really come alive with the 3:73's. I had a 2013 gt track pack with 4.10s, long tubes, cat delete, It was very fun to drive. 3.73 probably has a more useful...
  11. Is anyone else in northern climates just getting their S550 out of hibernation? How does it feel?

    Got the fp street handling pack installed. Now it just needs to get warmer so I can go play.
  12. 2022 Mach 1 in new Mischievous Purple Metallic and Grabber Blue Colors hit the market

    I wish there were more angles of the purple where it actually catches the light :(
  13. Dilemma: thinking of purchasing a car without cats when I live in a state that has emissions testing

    I wouldn't. I bought a 2013 gt with no cats once. Nothing but problems due to tune being removed to be sold. Started misfiring. A new tune wouldn't fix it. Save yourself the headache and never buy a car without cats.
  14. Best methods to taking care of black/dark paint?

    Sorry for the late reply. It's basically a sponge towel. Google absorber towel. They are amazing. I can dry my whole car in less than 2 min with one. It's super absorbent.
  15. Photograph of the Month - April 2022. Guidelines in post #1

    First day getting the car back after ford performance street handling pack installed.
  16. Are all Ford dealerships inhabited by stupid and greedy

    In my experience the best dealers are the ones that are privately owned. Not the chain that has multiple dealerships. The privately owned ones built their business on customer service.
  17. At A Light

    A Civic? Seriously. I sure showed him lol. So a Prius and Mustang are at a stop light....lmao
  18. 2017 Gt Oil pan gasket failure

    Update- Dealer said it was the oil pan gasket.