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  1. Model cars

    Even the panel gaps are on point! Love to find something like that in velocity blue.
  2. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    To be honest I've come to expect that from Ford. Generally their MO has been to keep with the times (i.e. add new 'cutting edge' features) but not make it completely reliable or bulletproof. The Japanese tend to do the opposite. As I've gotten older and have less time to tinker with my cars I...
  3. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    The Mach 1 comparison is a little weird. The Z in Performance trim is more comparable to an A10 GT PP1, without Magneride. So pricing wise it undercuts the Z by roughly $3k. The interior in cloth trim may be a little worse but I don't see the Z up to the level of the Supra (BMW) in overall...
  4. Mach1 vs GR Supra vs Nissan Z races (all auto) by Jason Camissa

    I've also thrown friends back there in a pinch or quick fun ride. I'm 5'07 so it's not hard to fit people behind me.
  5. Coyote engines hard on oil?

    10k, 3 oil changes... no oil burning issues to speak of.
  6. Advice on buying 5.0?

    Ironic or not this is hilarious 🤣
  7. Go to the dealership for oil change or mechanic?

    I stick with the dealer for oil changes. Motorcraft synthetic blend, $95. Reasonable price considering labor and all.
  8. Ford Protect Extended Service Plan - $50 over Dealer Cost

    I did. There was a brief e-mail exchange where I was told the deal was only available with the PremiumCare plan. I don't think there's anything you can do now but I'd be willing to try to work with you all again in the future.
  9. Ford Protect Extended Service Plan - $50 over Dealer Cost

    Sucks you guys are only offering the deal with the most expensive ESP. I ended up getting a lower tier plan with Flood.
  10. What has owning a mustang taught you?

    Mustangs just naturally attract that crowd. Few cars offer this much horsepower for such good value. I guess I’m an oddball as well. I wouldn’t have seen myself in a Mustang had Ford kept the traditional muscle car formula. Twists and turns are where I get my kicks. But I also learned the...
  11. 2018 GT. What mods to make the Coyote crank out more torque down low?

    I’m not sure it’s worth it to go through all the mods when a LT1/LS or Hemi engines are built for exactly what you want. I drove a V8 Camaro 10-speed for a day… the LT1 and Coyote couldn’t be anymore different. You get all the torque low down. The RPM where the Coyote wakes up the LT1 runs out...
  12. Nitrogen in tires?

    I use air. The cost and hassle of Nitrogen isn’t worth the negligible benefits.
  13. Trade 2021 GT Premium for 2022 Mach1? Yes or No?

    Probably not worth it unless you want the Tremec manual trans or you’re planning to track it.
  14. Anyone else not get active exhaust?

    Knew nothing about it when I bought mine. Later learned it was an option and yeah... I see it as just something else to break. The stock exhaust sounds pretty good anyway.
  15. Tires for random cold days

    This winter I've driven on PS4S tires just below 30F with slightly wet roads. Took it easy and had no issues. Any colder though and the Mustang stayed garaged. I've periodically checked for cracks (none so far). Tires are coming up on 3 years old.
  16. Introduce yourself!!

    Evening! I've been a lurker since late last year when I purchased my Mustang. Happy to finally join up! I picked up a lightly used manual 2019 GT in Velocity Blue. Goodies include the PP1 package, Sync3, and Nickel-painted 5 spoke wheels. I'm not a 'Ford guy', just happen to like the stuff...