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  1. Par for the course

    Is it easy to replace the plastic shroud around the side mirror? Or would I have to replace the whole assembly? Not even a week after someone dented my shit, someone scratched the plastic shroud around the mirror 🙃
  2. Ronin vs Femco oil plug

    I’ve gone back and read through some of the threads of people who’ve used both, but wanted to make a new post to see what people thought of whatever option they chose after some time had gone by.
  3. Oil storage container

    Can anyone recommend a decent oil container to use when doing my oil change at home? Most of the ones from auto parts or box stores wind up leaking while doing the oil change, or shortly there after. Thanks in advance.
  4. I hate people so much

    Went to the gym today and when I came back out I noticed a crease in rear panel by the window. It’s hard to see but it’s a 2” vertical crease. Looks like either someone set something on it or dropped something on it, idk. Work hard to buy nice shit for this to happen…
  5. Good daily setup

    I’m looking to drop it around 1” on all fours, paired with a good pair of struts/shocks for daily driving. If I plan to keep the car for a good while, is a standard spring setup going to cut it, or should I get a nice set of coil-overs?
  6. Couple of issues I found

    Finally got time to properly give some TLC to the new car and found a couple of issues. Probably going to take it back down to the dealer to have them rectified but I wanted to get opinions from those here. Pics attached below of said issues. The scratch looks like it’s on the inside and it is...
  7. Redline hood strut randomly popped off

    Installed the hood struts I had gotten for a deal from a member on here a few months back and everything snapped into place, and the clips were secured. Turned around for like 2 minutes and heard a pop and luckily still had the prop rod up. Unfortunately I need touch up paint 🙃 anyone ever...
  8. Houston,Tx original order

    Looks my original 2022 Oxford white premium GT has a build date of 8/1 if anyone is interested, I have the vin that was just sent to me this morning. You can call Canyon at Joe Myers Ford if interested. Car has 401a package, black accent, 3.55 gears, active exhaust, b&o sound, with the A10.
  9. 2022 Mustang GT

    Was still waiting for confirmation for my order I placed a couple months ago on a 2022 Mustang GT Oxford white with 401A group, BAP, AE, 3.55’s, B&O, and A10. Was told there could be a hold up so I snatched a 2022 Dark matter gray mustang that just landed at a nearby dealer, with the same specs...
  10. Tuning devices

    Does anyone have any info on possible new tuning devices that are coming out? I liked how the ngauge could do it all without the need of a computer, except to upload the initial tune. I hope someone out there makes a device that’s able to do it all as well.
  11. Gloss black with silver lip

    Ordered a 2022 mustang Gt with In Oxford white with black accent package and instead of going with an all black wheel, I was curious if anyone has a gloss black wheel with silver/polished lip, or any recommendations.
  12. Roush coil-over kit 2018+

    Does anyone have this kit for daily driving, and if so, how do you like it? I’m getting a discount on having a roush H pipe, tune w intake, and debating on the suspension when my car comes into the dealer. Not 100% sold on the suspension yet.
  13. Steeda H or Borla switchfire X

    Ordered my new 2022 Oxford White 401a with Black accent package, A10, 3.55, active exhaust, and B&O sound. I just wanted to get opinions from those who have the H pipe and the Borla Switchfire. They both sound good on video but of course it’s always different in real life. Thanks!
  14. Texas WTB stock 18+ mufflers

    Looking for a set of stock mufflers to replace the Steeda Axle back before trading in.
  15. 3.15s or 3.55s with eventual centri

    I know normally taller gears are better for boost and roll racing applications but I just wanted to get the opinions on those who went with the A10 and 3.55s with a centri.
  16. I can’t win…

    Been working to do a deal on a 2022 Iconic silver Gt with A10 all week and it was supposed to have been finalized yesterday but the owner was out of town, but went to check it out. I told them I wasn’t going to be able to come by in the morning so my dad went to go pick it up. My dad didn’t...
  17. Texas For Sale: Barton aluminum reverse lockout collar (new)

    Asking $40 shipped to the lower 48.
  18. What specs would you get?

    Been looking to see what I’d go with for the new car when I trade it in soon, and so far I have either carbonized gray or rapid red as the color, 401a group, A10, black accent package, B&O sound, and either active exhaust, or active ride handling. They said if I wanted to keep my exhaust they’d...
  19. Fair nGauge price

    What do y’all think a fair price to pay for a used, unlocked Ngauge would be?
  20. I love the mustang…but…

    I find it really hard to keep paying the money they are asking for higher tier trims like the 400 or 401 group. This is the third S500 I’ve had that’s new with a list of issues, mainly with the interior. This 2021 GT I bought a month ago has interior rattles, scratches/defects on trim...