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  1. If you were handed $100k which car would you buy

    This, or at least a 992.2 GTS manual. These are the times for the manual C/D TEST RESULTS 60 mph: 3.2 sec 100 mph: 7.3 sec 1/4-Mile: 11.3 sec @ 126 mph 130 mph: 12.1 sec 150 mph: 17.0 sec 170 mph: 24.1 sec
  2. S650 vs S550 Mustang Direct Comparison Prediction Look Rendering

    Please tell me that scoop on the hood has some functionality. If not why? At least the current S550 the vents were heat extractors.
  3. Any recommended Katzkin vendors?

    Contact a local upholstery shop. Thats what I did and saved quite a bit of money on the install.
  4. M-6346612-GT *NEW* FP Rear Seat Delete

    Any word on the weight savings?
  5. Horrible understeer

    Thanks Sho!!!
  6. Horrible understeer

    Sorry, R7 wheels? What sizes and offsets. You said square setup, so wondering if you are talking about a 10" wide wheel vs. an 11" wide wheel. Sorry never heard of these unless you mean the R357 SVE wheels.
  7. best clutch replacement?

    Only 5 yrs on the OEM clutch??? The OEM clutch on the 2018+ I know is different, better get more than 5 yrs. out of it. To the OP, if you aren't doing any major power adder I would go OEM.
  8. Dilemma...VP 101 Racing fuel unleaded (CARB Approved)

    I had a front passenger side 02 go out, do you think it was from running E25 fuel? Hard to believe an 02 would go out with just 20k miles.
  9. Dilemma...VP 101 Racing fuel unleaded (CARB Approved)

    Running the Ford Racing Power kit...full E85 out of the question. I do blend a couple of gallons of the stuff, but can't run it fully. I only want to get the car to 93/94 octane. Good news is VP Octanium is available at the local Auto parts store. I only need to blend in 4 oz. to get to 93...
  10. Dilemma...VP 101 Racing fuel unleaded (CARB Approved)

    has gone up from 9.99 per gallon to $16.00 per gallon!! I refuse to pay that. I was blending 2 gallons of VP101 with 2 gallons of E85 (true E85) to get me to just under 94 octane and E19 ethanol content. This got me to just under 94 octane. So now I am contemplating using VP Octanium or...
  11. Upgrading 8" Screen with GPS

    Saving a $1000 isn't worth it...OK.
  12. Upgrading 8" Screen with GPS

    To be honest 4DTech is way over priced. I put my 4-8" screen conversion together for under $700.00. Just do some research and call some boneyards in your area for wrecked Mustangs. I found mine off of a 2019 Ecoboost Premium. Got the doorpanels (soft touch), the 8" screen-APIM and Bezel for...
  13. Upgrading 8" Screen with GPS

    Thats a lot of money, contact Tom Hextall he is on this forum. He may buy the non NAV APIM from you to offset some of the money for the Nav APIM.
  14. Has anyone purchased the DYNAVIN head unit that replaces SYNC?

    To be frank what I am concerned with all these units is support after the sale. They seem to be non existent.
  15. Katzkins in a Mach?

    Looks nice, agreed. I went with an upholsterer that offered Katskins and he offered way more options than the Katzkins site.
  16. Ford Performance Tune for 2018+ GT

    Yea I agree, unless I have to do it I won't.