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  1. Horrible understeer

    You're probably right. The coaches are probably trying to make you more comfortable and quicker without talking you into the fence. Many people hold the opinion that a driver must constantly have to be doing *something* with the pedals, but fail to appreciate that doing nothing _is_ doing...
  2. Horrible understeer

    No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no! I feel very strongly about this. You have been told incorrectly for the slower 2nd & 3rd gear corners. I can accept it for a high-speed corner, but it's wrong for most track corners. If the chassis is tuned so that you have to immediately get back...
  3. Horrible understeer

    I think that's still in the range of reasonable. BMR has their 1000# rears, which would probably be as high as I would ever venture on a very smooth track with really good tires (race slicks), but that's just my preference.
  4. Horrible understeer

    I guess I wasn't too far off...
  5. Horrible understeer

    Let me see if I can find them, but from memory... Std. ~200#F/675#R HP ~220#F/725#R
  6. Horrible understeer

    Because they don't want to pay for the development costs and the existing calibration works well.
  7. Horrible understeer

    I don't think it's an accident that both the W springs and the Mach 1's have much softer rear springs than the 350/350R. It's a philosophically different approach. There must have been a chassis engineer that fell in love with rear spring early on in S550 development who isn't there any more.
  8. Mustang GT4 at Road America

    The GT4 is just a souped-up street car. It has all the stuff needed for race duty, but GT4 engines are usually detuned, the chassis is stock with a cage and aero is pretty minimal. A GT3 is a whole different kettle of fish. Now we've got racing everything, big tires, real aero and a proper...
  9. Mustang GT4 at Road America

    I believe there's a bit of unfinished business of ours.
  10. Mustang GT4 at Road America

    They qualified well and Kyle was able to run decent but, the others didn't seem to have much. If Joey was 7 tenths off Pumpelly, then either his car must have been significantly off pace (say, 1.5 sec) or he was in consistent traffic, because that dude can flat wheel a car.
  11. Mustang GT4 at Road America

    Lol, you'll need keep digging.
  12. Mustang GT4 at Road America

    What do I know?
  13. Mustang GT4 at Road America

    It's hard to tell you much. They seemed pretty quick at the start of the race, but they could barely run a lap between cautions. One Cayman had a good enough shunt that they had to cut him out. It's really hard to know the pace of a Sportscar at the start of the race, because they're usually...
  14. Horrible understeer

    If you ask me, this package would be an upgrade for a 350, but you probably wouldn't do the flash.
  15. Mustang GT4 at Road America

    That race was a complete shit-show.
  16. Horrible understeer

    That's the one!
  17. Horrible understeer

    I think those rates are correct. It's about the best info we have. The spring rubbers will act a little different in each spring, so the only way to really know is a test with a spring rate machine. For a back-of-the-envelope guess, count the coils of the spring. 1 spring rubber partially...
  18. Horrible understeer

    I do think that Ford Performance Track kit is a little better combo for spring rates. I don't know which MR dampers are on the M1. There is a higher damping force model which was on GT350R's and GT500's. It might have those.
  19. Horrible understeer

    Beauty might only be skin deep, but it's a reasonable indicator for overall prep.
  20. Horrible understeer

    That's often my error as well. It's easy to over-charge a corner and then you just have to wait *forever* before you can get to gas. It's super frustrating.