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  1. I'm thinking of selling my 2017.

    Not a for sale thead, just trying to figure out what to ask. Autotrader seems all over the place, and of course that's what people are asking, not actually buying for. Car has 22K on it, uses no oil, been on the track a few times, only mod MM Castor Camber plates. It's Ruby Red, with the...
  2. JDFR car at the dealership awaiting pick up

    I hope this isn’t a repost. I did a search and didn’t see anything. Looks like an interesting color. I take it it isn’t going to anyone here?
  3. Anyone's here?

    Resolution's so bad it's hard to tell, but looks like a GT350 to me. Tires might be to narrow? I'd love to know the rationale for the claim...
  4. At the track, non R tire pressure

    Sorry, I’m sure this is covered multiple times, but searching on my phone at the track is just giving me extraneous results. Non R GT 350, stock tires, what are you running for pressure? Is what the supplement says good? What about setting hot, what pressure then?
  5. Unopened Motul 600, Date Code 2012, still good?

    Still has the foil seal, not sure why I didn't use this stuff in order. In any case, still safe to use? I have a track day coming up this weekend.
  6. Cracked my splitter, arghhhh

    Should I epoxy it up and keep my splitter get out of jail free card. Buy a new splitter, I guess you can only buy all three pieces. Wait for someone who cracks a different section of the 3 sections and go in on a new one with them. Buy an R splitter?
  7. Can't find the national inventory search thread...

    I did try the search function, Awhile back a site member made a webpage to search GT350 inventory. Does it still exist?
  8. GoPoint Technology 9105 BT1 Auxiliary Input Adapters

    Anyone have the quick start sheet or manual? I can't find mine, and amazingly can't find it on the internet. Anyone know what happens if the adapter is in the vicinity of more than paired device? I plan to bring my new iphone to the track, but if the magnet doesn't calm down the auto...
  9. Which GoPro and which bundle for track use with HLT?

    I'd like a second camera besides the iPhone camera. Preferably mounted behind me since the iPhone will be on the windshield. Also, pricing on Amazon appears to be all over the place, I guess depending on what's in the bundle. If anyone has recently sorted through all the options, let me no...
  10. Suggested shop for MM CC plate install

    Anyone have any personal experience with a trustworthy shop in the chester county (suburban Philadelphia) PA area?
  11. Motul 600 Brake Fluid, ok?

    I ordered the Ford DOT 4 , Amazon prime, but evidently prime is no longer guaranteed 2-day, so I was going to use Motul 600 I got locally. Track event is Monday.
  12. Non reusable front suspension fasteners?

    Maximum Motorsports C&C plate page says there is some "not reusable" hardware. Strut to spindle nut and bolt, Caliper to spindle bolts, strut shaft nut and Front stabilizer link nut. I have the Caliperfexion caliper studs on...
  13. Track event does not allow suction cup mounts, even tethered, what now

    Nor adhesive mount, I'd like to mount an iphone and maybe a go pro. I have a Ram suction mount tethered that I've used for the phone, but it's explicitly stated they aren't allowed. Stupid imho, that Ram mount isn't going anywhere, and I have it tethered.. I think there is a rear view...
  14. Have to pull the trigger C&C plates

    Read many threads here and elsewhere on the subject, track event next week, want to go with proper front camber. I read that the bolts are not recommended for track use, is that true? If not, are the Vorshlag really worth the money over MM or Steeda? Do the Vorshlag really add any ride...