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  1. Some thoughts on ticking issues

    I have only had two S550 cars - a 15 GT Premium and a 17 GT Premium Convertible. I am also pretty sensitive to different noises all of the cars I have owned have made from the time I purchased them to the time I sold them. Just my opinion, but I do believe that there is something going on with...
  2. From 15GT coupe to 17GT vert

    Well, we purchased our second S550. Sold the 15GT a couple of years ago and had missed it from that day. We just picked up a 17GT Premium in Triple Yellow. Feel like I came back home now... I will definitely be cruising the vert sub forum looking for all the mods and tips I can find...
  3. SW Ohio Cavu Coffee Meetup

    Cavu Coffee 7755 Cox Lane West Chester Township, OH 45069 10AM-12PM Note: Please attend only if you behave like an adult! No burnouts, engine revving, exhaust demos or loud stereos. We had trouble last year with this and the owners have given us one more chance to gather. This parking...
  4. BlendMount for Escort Detector

    Decided to ditch the detector. I still have the BlendMount and want to sell it. The part# is BMX-2012. It's in perfect condition with everything it shipped with. First $65 gets it. One thing though - I do NOT have a PayPal account and not planning on starting one. So, local meetup or money...
  5. Body shop in SW Ohio

    I just had a little custom paint work done at Liberty Collision in Middletown. This visit they removed, then painted and reinstalled the spoiler and the factory heat extractors in gloss black. The prior visit they installed the Roush hood scoop. I figured I would share my experience in case...
  6. Dyno run disaster

    Another reason to be careful while making a run. Mustang owner's tire EXPLODES at around 150MPH (uncertain of exact speed, but top of 5th) on the dyno. [ame=""]
  7. Center stack separating from dashboard

    Anyone have this problem? The center stack is separating from the dashboard. It is much more noticeable by the lower vent in the picture. I have tried to push it back to make sure that it is not just popped out or something, but it is not popped out.
  8. Fuel Octane

    What octane of fuel are you using? I have seen several posts discussing this with no real clear evidence of one over another.
  9. SW Ohio - Cavu Coffee Meet-up

    October 25th @ 10AM Cavu Coffee 7755 Cox Lane West Chester Township, OH 45069 Great Coffee! The last time we had a nice turnout for the inaugural gathering. Hope you can join us and help fill up the parking lot. :)
  10. Chevy SS Sedan vs S550 GT

    Thought I was going to get a chance to go up against a Chevy SS sedan earlier today, but there was way too much traffic. It sounded like he had an exhaust upgrade, but then again I do too. Stock vs Stock, who would have won this?
  11. WTB 5.0 stock exhaust near Ohio

    I'm looking for a s550 GT stock exhaust. If someone near Ohio has one they would like to sell, please let me know and how much you want for it. Thanks.
  12. 50th Anniversary Appearance or Performance Pack wheels?

    Vehicle: 2015 Deep Impact Blue GT Premium w/50th Appearance Pack I purchased a set of 4 Black Performance Pack wheels and Continental DWS06 tires for the car. I just can't decide between the 50th wheels and tires or Performance Pack wheels and tires. Are there any other considerations...
  13. Driver's side oil separator

    Any reason to have a drivers side oil separator? Everything I have read says that the passenger side is the concern.