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  1. 2020+ GT500 Oil Separator canister rattles - somthing loose inside?

    Just began to install the Oil Separator and noticed that it rattles inside like there is a loose bolt or something moving around when I tip it or shake it. Is this normal (like a check valve or something) or should it be silent? I don't want to take it apart and look if it isn't necessary...
  2. Plastic flap (shield) blocking oil filter canister on 2021 GT500

    Has anyone else found this plastic "flap" blocking easy access to the oil filter? It's really inconvenient and a PITA to deal with. Does anyone know its purpose? Possibly a shield against an oil leak?
  3. Aluminum Oxidation on Engine 2021 GT500

    Has anyone observed oxidation on the surface of the aluminum castings on their engine parts including the block and oil pan? Mine was built with a blend date of 11-19-2021 and delivered to dealer in Louisiana in January, 2021 (winter time) with 6 miles on odometer. Car was put directly in...