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  1. Bay Area non-essential ride 5/30

    For those w/o a clique or cool people’s group or just struggle to fit somewhere in life in general. Let me know if you’re interested or unsure of your confidence to attend this. Deets to come.
  2. Bay Area last minute drive 3/6

    A few of us are getting together this Saturday 3/6 for a chill cruise and brunch. Meeting at Living Spaces (250 Floresta Blvd, San Leandro) parking lot 10:30am and will be driving down to Alice's Restaurant in Woodside. All are welcome.
  3. Bay Area Drive 11/28

    A few of us are meeting up on Sat 11/28 for a laid back drive around/through San Francisco. PM me for meet up @ 10am in Emeryville.
  4. Recall: Gearshift lever assembly reverse lock out

    Taking my ride into my Ford dealer to get this addressed next week. Anything I should know or be aware of? Thanks.
  5. Signature Wheel SV302S or 6GR Seven Forged – Brushed Titanium

    Hello folks, I'm new to the forum and happy to report I purchased a 2019 GT350R about 3 weeks ago. It's my 4th Mustang and must say... I love everything about this car. Realizing the cost of the carbon fiber wheels, I am looking to change out the rims/tires like most people. These are the two...