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  1. DCT fault

    Haven't posted here in a while (extremely busy). Sorry to report bad news. Last week while driving I got caught in a bit of rain. I transitioned to slippery mode and shortly thereafter the display read "select manual mode". At that point I noticed the trans was not up-shifting during...
  2. Gloss black bumper paint chip

    While doing some polishing before planned PPF this week, I noticed a few chips in the gloss black front bumper insert. Is this just the same paint code as ebony black etc? Going to need a touch-up pen.
  3. Illinois 2016 GT350 Base $42,500. SOLD

    $42,500 7,600 miles, garage kept, never tracked. Extended warranty until January 2023. Upgrades include: Sync 3 with Sirius XM ( all OEM parts), track pack spoiler, passenger side Ford Performance oil catch can, JLT painted coil covers and hood struts. Air Raid reusable air filter. I will...
  4. Interesting GT500 color combination - Twister Orange with Kona Blue stripes

    Twister orange with Kona blue stripes.
  5. Baby Bronco
  6. Jessica Jones

    Anybody here watch it on Netflix? I just binged the series and really enjoyed it. It's dark, mysterious and violent. Killgrave (the villain) is excellent. There's even some soft core eye candy also :lol: Just started Dare Devil which has some crossover with Jessica.
  7. Shipping damage

    I stopped by my local dealer's body shop today. On the way out I saw a white GT 350 tech package sitting in the rear of the lot missing the splitter and lower section of stripes. One of the techs told me it was damaged during shipping or delivery to another dealer. Apparently my local dealer...
  8. Baby Boomers seal of approval

    So today I was able to test drive a GT. I Won't bore you guys with a review at this point. My Dad's house is literally down the street from my dealer so I stopped by. His reaction was priceless. He was in aww of this car. Including the interior. I have never seen him that impressed with a modern...
  9. Ceramic concerns

    I'm just curious if anyone has experience with ceramic (white leather). How does it wear over time? Does it stain with dark denim or clothing? Is it a pain in the ass to clean?
  10. Convertible tonneau cover

    Let me start by saying I prefer the fastback coupe look to the convertible. IMO the vert losses something especially with the top up. However I have always found Mustang convertibles to be super sexy with a styling bar and hard tonneau cover that gives them that two seater roadster look...
  11. Fog light LED improvement

    Let me start by saying I am completely in love with our new Mustangs's design. Hats of to Ford:thumbsup: But this is one area where I see an immediate need and potential for improvement. The so called fog light "eyebrows". I don't have an issue with there placement above the fogs but I would...
  12. Any V8 fans seriously considering the turbo I4, and why?

    I'm curious if any one who would normally prefer a GT is considering the 4 cylinder turbo model? I'm a life long believer in Mustangs having V8's but my curiosity in the turbo model is growing for several reasons. Concern over a price increase among them. I'll be honest theses thoughts are...