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  1. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Great job! I had no idea that you were putting out 480 WHP. That's impressive.
  2. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Great skills! You definitely have a few more cojones than me holding that speed through turn 8 :like: Did you ever get the transmission cooling issues worked out? That auto definitely has some advantages over a manual.
  3. What a good lap time at Willowsprings looks like

    Damn! And to think I was proud of my sub 1:33 lap times. Great job!
  4. Camber plates track grade: Vorshlag vs Ground Control vs ?

    I have markings on my Vorshlag plates. Love the over-sized spherical bearings - no clunking noises!
  5. Recommended Jack Stands for GT350

    I believe the only jack stands that you will find that is made exclusively in the U.S.A. are those by U.S. Jack and Norco. Other companies, including Hein-Werner, tout "assembled in USA". These are jack stands that get their parts from overseas and then assembled here. Some are a hybrid of U.S...
  6. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    I'm currently running 400F and 600R. The front is still too soft. I was thinking of bumping up to 500F and 650R. A 150lb difference front to rear seems to be the consensus from what I understand. I just don't want to make things too stiff for the street.
  7. S550 Lap Times (Road Course)

    Excellent time! Your max speed on the front straight is high as well. What spring rates are you running?
  8. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    I think this is what you are looking for.
  9. Tow Hooks - My experience with ZL1 Addons

    Hello. I'm sorry, but as I stated in the thread I didn't have time to take any pictures during the install. I would not recommend offsetting the hook to one side of the rear plate since the bumper bar is curved and not straight. The hook would protrude out at an angle.
  10. Pictures in Race Mode!!

    I realized I haven't posted here in a while. This was at Buttonwillow Raceway.
  11. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    There are plenty of real world examples posted on this forum and others of the gains people have experienced at both the drag strip and road courses. Have you read this article here? It addresses the advantages of each power pack including gear ratios. I'm a track junkie that frequents road...
  12. Solo Performance GT exhaust systems review - updated with photos/videos

    Yes, the crackling and pops are not like backfires. It's a sweet sounding crackling and pop of a healthy motor.
  13. Solo Performance GT exhaust systems review - updated with photos/videos

    From what you are describing that you want in terms of sound, I think you would be happier with Mach XV. I have the Mach Thunder on my car. What I can tell you is that if you are worried about decel crackles and general noise, then you don't want the Thunder - especially on start ups. My wife...
  14. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    Thanks. That's a great fix. Somehow I missed that post.
  15. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    Yeah, I'm currently running the NASCAR solution (duct tape) to fill the air gap from the the VelossaTech to the GT350 air box. It's nice and smooth right now, but I need to fabricate something a bit more permanent.
  16. Two 19x11 Square Setup Installs

    I'm running the Steeda lower roll center control arms and bump steer kit as well. With 19x11 50mm offset wheels and 305/30R19 tires, I use a 15mm spacer in conjunction with my RideTech coilovers. I was using 20mm spacers prior. This setup allows for up to -3.5 degrees camber up front and -1.8...
  17. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    Yep. My rear street tire is a 295/35R20. When I bolt up my track wheels with 305/30R19's it's a night and day difference. It pulls very hard from corner to corner. Even with Michelin Sport Cup 2's, accelerating quickly in 2nd gear requires attention to the throttle or it will break loose every...
  18. Tunes and buying a used GT350?

    I live in California and completely agree. However, I think you missed an extra "t" in but. :wink:
  19. 2015-17 Mustang GT Ford Performance Power Packs

    I know a lot of people have been commenting about enclosing the GT350 CAI due to high temps in traffic. I have a power pack 3 that I installed since I'm on the road courses here in SoCal quite a bit. Until recently, I didn't have a need for enclosing the CAI because it works just fine on the...