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    Whether it works or not is probably beyond doubt since the button is there to enable it. The throttle on mine gets noticeably doughier and the DSC seems to be in far more of a nanny mode
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    :crackup: And here was I thinking that you ONLY drive in the rain ie no point driving in the dry when you can go for a spin in the wet and do twice as much detailing when you get home 🤔 :giggle:
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    Did you find that even in Snow/Rain mode?
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    er...different Peter :) ([USER=61206]@BruceTheQuail is a Peter also) 5 years is long enough for them to start going hard, plus 44k km would suggest less than optimum tread depth for wet weather in a rear drive car with even modest grunt.
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    Note to Bruce: 7/10 must try harder How old are they Peter?
  6. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    @WD Pro (sorry Quote button not working again) I think the hybrid ceramic or quick detailer type was what they were mostly referring to given the longevity of the product and the towel being fibres into which it can soak etc. Proper ceramic application with a towel :shock::crackup: not to...
  7. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Interesting. I once read that towels should be washed as soon as possible after using them in order to preserve their effectiveness/performance rather then letting any product 'set'. I find it a pain to wash them after doing only one car using say 4 towels and an applicator but I can see their...
  8. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Just saw this, they're a press-in part
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    No worries, they can get taily in the damp on normal particularly on the PZeros :like:
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    G'day Peter I haven't noted it as being slow to trigger, did you def have it in Snow/Rain mode?

    Will do. Thanks @DFB5.0 Nick has been a pleasure to deal with in the past.

    @DFB5.0 that's great and helps a lot, thank you :like:
  13. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    @Friend of Dorothy hey Chris that's a grin-inducing photo and background story. And a perfectly framed once in a lifetime shot under the circumstances. Well done :handsinair: Shame it didn't capture the look on Moff's face but I'm sure both of you recalled it as a memorable moment, albeit it...

    @DFB5.0 I'm weighing up the purchase of a blower but the options are a bit too widespread for me to be sure about what to get. Yours isn't mentioned in the list in Post #1 but IIRC you use a BigBoi Pro 4 (twin cam overhead foxtails etc). I don't have the demand for such a beast and found the...
  15. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    Indeed. Hence my questions :giggle:
  16. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    You're lucky to have such a visitor! Umm what's it like to drive? Top speed?
  17. Best areas for hood vents

    A quick search will tell you :thumbsup:. Hood vents of the type used by OEMs don't address engine bay temp, they reduce engine bay pressure thus improving the flow of air through the radiator. This is why sometimes a car with high engine coolant temps will run cooler if you raise the trailing...
  18. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    @DFB5.0 nice work! And no problems with your job security then :sunglasses:. This thread is getting scary. No sooner do I decide to look into something for a particular purpose than I look at the latest post and :surprised:. Today it's: That's twice! If you could just forecast in advance...
  19. What's In DFB's Cabinet?

    @DFB5.0 I'm thinking about trying a rinseless wash for door jambs. However, on all of the sites I've looked at the question of 'why not just use a normal wash' is often debated but doesn't seem to really get answered. At this stage the advantage of a rinseless wash - assuming careful suds...