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  1. Have you folks seen this?

    My brother-in-law recently purchased an 18 GT 350 base. He noticed that it had an exhaust leak when he bought it. Yesterday we were installing some jacking rails and crawled under to see if anything was obvious. This is what he saw. I do know the engine was replaced at 5000mi. Ya’ll seen this?
  2. Tennessee Barton BMHYB15 Shifter SOLD

    I purchased this from a co-worker who bought it new and was going to install it in his 18 GT . The car was totaled before he had a chance to install it. I purchased it from him but have just decided that I am not interested. 395.00 plus shipping. Pay-pal preferred.
  3. Borla Switchfire 60662 owners......

    I have read through a couple of threads on the Switchfire but haven't seen anything recent. Just wanted to see how everyone is liking it and if other people have purchased one but just haven't posted up. I purchased one but haven't installed it yet. I have a 20 M6 w/active but no exhaust...
  4. 18 & up MT-82 clutch "issue" -feedback

    Ok, so the day I test drove my (then new) 20 5.0, I noticed a small amount of clutch chatter (vibration) upon release. I have 1400 miles on it now and it hasn't changed much, maybe a tick worse. I took it to my dealer and the shop foreman drove it and felt what I felt but said that is...
  5. Tennessee LISTING REMOVED

    LISTING REMOVED......Steeda jacking rails
  6. Spring gurus please opine

    I have a 2020 GT non-PP. I am very happy with the current ride but I am moderately unhappy with the altitude. I am extremely hesitant to pull the trigger on springs for fear they are going to stiffen it up too much. I know this is somewhat subjective. I have read through the spring sticky...
  7. Steering feel and accuracy improvement

    I’m sure this has been discussed at some point but I find the current search feature almost impossible to use, so I figured I would just start another thread. I’m curious about increasing the steering feel and accuracy on the GT. After having a sixth generation Camaro,the mustangs steering feels...
  8. Tennessee WTB- Please delete

    please delete.
  9. Back in the saddle

    Well, I am glad to say that I am back in a Mustang. Camaro was awesome, no complaints really, just wanted to be back in a 5.0 and this time rowing my own gears. Had an A10 previously.
  10. Feedback-18'&up E85 MT-82 owners

    Hey folks, been searching through threads and not found what Im looking for. Any of you who have an 18 and up MT-82 with E85, I would appreciate your impressions of the torque/power increase in the lower RPM's. w/E85. I had an 18 A10 and it made a decent difference but I would like to hear...
  11. Tennessee 17x9.5 Racestar Gloss Black 92-795153B

    EDIT***SOLD***Selling my Racestars since I no longer have the Mustang. They probably have about 250 miles on them. They are in excellent condition with only one blemish that I can find. They are also ceramic coated. Comes with the center caps, lug nuts and centric rings. Asking 360.00 plus...
  12. GT Indoor car cover; Budge brand***SOLD***

    Used fairly little when I had the 5.0 in the garage for around 14 months. Excellent condition. 90.00 plus shipping. Thanks!
  13. Fox body tuning

    Can anyone recommend a tuner for a fox body in the Nashville or Atlanta area? My brother in law needs to get a couple of his tuned and I am so far removed from the fox body scene.
  14. Tennessee OEM Decklid/blade spoiler****SOLD****

    This was on my black accent package 18 for about 6K miles and I removed it for a PP1 wing. Excellent condition. 125.00 plus shipping.
  15. GT Kooks LT's 1 7/8 w/cats (non-green) ***SOLD****

    Selling my Long tubes. Had them on for about 1200 miles. Typical Kooks quality. Includes the bolts, o2 extensions for 15-19 and clamps. There are a couple of small miscellaneous scratches on the headers from the install and I did have a couple of run ins with the edge of my driveway before I...
  16. Tennessee Lund NGauge & mount**SOLD**

    Had this for about a year. Excellent condition. John Nardi said once the new person purchased it, he would provide an unlock file 230.00 plus shipping.
  17. Tennessee JLT Catch can 18&up GT Andoized black**SOLD**

    Used for about 5K miles. Excellent condition and worked well. 90.00 plus shipping
  18. Tennessee Diode dynamics smoked sider marker lights**SOLD**

    Had these on the car for about a year. Sat in the garage most of that time. Like new condition. 50.00 plus shipping.
  19. How about a different "noise" thread? W/video

    So this is intermittent and seems to be the DI pump. Doesn't do it all the time but when it does, its loud. You guys had this: Not normal: Normal:
  20. Gen3 Misfire codes*update*

    Well, I've been getting cylinder mis-fire codes: PO305 and PO316. Cylinder misfire #5. So, out of curiosity I pulled the plug last night just to see what I could see. I also pulled #1. Both of them have oil on the threads but 5 is worse. Clearly the porcelin is darker on 5 than 1. I...