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  1. Anyone use the FL-2062A oil filter?

    See LMR sent me these vs the 2062. Seem identical except outer plastic frame? Any issues with these? thanks
  2. Oil filter cover removal

    Has anyone just ripped this thing off and left it off? Does it serve any purpose other than getting oil drops places they don’t belong?
  3. 12 qts or 11.5?

    What’s everyone doing? The actual 11.5 or you just pouring all 12 quarts in?
  4. G0075 out there anywhere?

    Trying to hunt down my old car’s new owner. If you have this car or know who does please DM me. Thanks.
  5. GT500 Track Tour Experience - UPDATED with my driving impressions

    I’ll post more, but wanted to get the thread started. Very cool day in Vegas with the Ford Performance Team. What a great opportunity. Edited after 6AM for the embargo. Let me first start off by thanking @ford and @fordperformance for the #gt500tracktour experience. What a great event and...
  6. MSRP Plus What? Not a Public Poll

    If you're willing to share, what's your ADM? Not a public poll If you are willing to share below mention if it’s a TP or base model.
  7. 2019 R - Kona Blue with Tech Available

    $2500 over sticker. If you’re seriously interested DM and I’ll provide you with contact info to Sales Manager. Car is in TN
  8. Colors/Photoshops for the GT500

    I’m just posting this here hopeful that someone with much better photoshop skills than I have is willing to post up a mix of GT500s with the known available colors. I’ve seen one today on IG where someone filled in the bumper with the launch color. Much better.
  9. Carbon wheel damage

    Opinions? Damage seems to be limited to the thermoceramic coating. Outside of the fact that Ford should’ve put 20” wheels on this car, I think this is inevitable if you actually drive and/or track your car. The brakes are scratched to hell too. That’s actually a sign of how strong the...
  10. BNIB GT350 Car Cover $275 shipped

    Brand New. Never opened box. NEW PRICE - $275 shipped in the continental US. Willing to ship further with additional fee.
  11. For your viewing pleasure - now with actual pics

    Had some good photos done of the car. Hope you enjoy them. Here's just a sample. Follow me on IG for more @thempspec Also the cup below I had done by @thrash_and_clang on Instagram. DM him if you're interested.
  12. Front tire with 102Y load versus 98Y

    Anyone running the 102Y tire? Edit: for sport cup 2s Ford replaced my tire, but they sent a 102Y load and apparently the 98Y tire is non-existent right now. Just want to see how anyone with experience with the higher rating feels is handles. I can get another 102Y to match it up so im not...
  13. Rust stain on R wheel

    So I finally picked up my R and get it home, only to find that a screw was in the front tire the whole time. The pressure was low and we didn't think to look for a screw or nail. Got it patched today from the inside. Local tire shop that deals with a lot of high end stuff did great with the...
  14. R PDI Checklist

    I thought one was posted here somewhere, but can't find it. Anyone have one or the list to follow?
  15. FP GT350 Video

    No one post this yet... [ame]
  16. Timing on 18 order window?

    Anyone have any other detail on the window opening for 18s? My dealer thinks next month but doesn't have an exact date?
  17. Am I making the right decision?

    Give me some feedback peeps Got my paperwork done on my 17 Raptor yesterday, and made a possibly crazy decision. Decided to trade G0075 in on it. Specifics: Tech Pack Around 4000 miles Got 51K for it They're getting me an 18 to replace it with Good decision or not? Kind of...
  18. Track gear/helmet recommendations?

    Alright, I have never had my own helmet, gear, etc. What do you guys recommend as bare minimum and any preference on helmets?
  19. Jacking points

    I dug through the threads but didn't really see anything related to best jack stand spots. I'm getting ready to do first oil change. What's the best process for getting the front up on stands that you guys have found
  20. It's the end of the world!

    It's been real people [ame]