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  1. Michigan Borla #60661 Resonator For Sale

    Revive anyone have sound clips with this and lth?
  2. (Az) Anyone have a 3” h pipe laying around?

    As title states I’m looking for a 3” h pipe maybe someone here has one they’re looking to get rid of before I buy new?
  3. Mods pls delete

    Stocks + $70??? Aren’t they $70 brand new lol
  4. Replacing xpipe with magnaflow 12599

    Revive lol. Looking to quiet down my exhaust just wanted to clarify that you did run 12469 magnaflow muffler? How was the fit and finish on it?
  5. Steeda h pipe to magnaflow resonator?

    Just to calm my over thinking side going from lth with a straight through h pipe to a resonated one wouldn’t require a retune correct?
  6. Those with catted LTH's and State emissions requirements - 4 questions

    Stainless works has cats you can remove and install with clamps easy to go from catted to Catless
  7. Corsa Xtreme with Steeda H-Pipe anyone? (5.0 / 10spd)

    I’m running something similar to this. Catted stainless works lth with awe cat back (h pipe) with the bullet resonators cut off
  8. Corsa Xtreme with Steeda H-Pipe anyone? (5.0 / 10spd)

    Lethal performance exclusive corsa xtreme with double h first start up and fly by. This is all I have I wasn’t a big fan of it and swapped it out for awe
  9. Corsa Xtreme with Steeda H-Pipe anyone? (5.0 / 10spd)

    I have a sound clip of corsa xtreme with double h I’ll send it through pm
  10. Dilemma: thinking of purchasing a car without cats when I live in a state that has emissions testing

    You’re over thinking it pay a little extra to have someone help you pass
  11. Pennsylvania Cervini hood struts and jlt can

    How much for just the can
  12. Alignment shops?

    Any recommended alignment shops in Sacramento area? Trying to dial in my camber
  13. Pennsylvania Bmr min drop front springs only bolts shown are not included $50 shipped to lower 48.

    Not trying to hijack but I have some Vogtland rear springs with a 1” drop for someone to make this a set $45
  14. Wisconsin SOLD to local Ford dealer for more than I was asking :) 2016 Mustang GT Premium $27,000 GT350 Intake Manifold/Full Suspension/Comp Orange

    I know the cars gone but do you have any sound clips looking into stainless works exhaust