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  1. ESC

    That was my experience with PZeros too (on my other car). Steering is fine, but they get slippery really easy and if you break traction once you'll be doing it for the rest of the drive. Oddly enough on the mustang (supersports, staggered 10 and 11 inch from memory) I have only broken traction...
  2. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    Yeah on my Jag the saving from OEM (which are very heavy with JLR wheels, even the forged options, due I think to the bad UK roads) was over 5kg per wheel from memory, and the change from OEM 19's to forged 21's made a massive handling improvement even with street use (eg direction changes...
  3. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    Your car looks fantastic and I hope you dont mind if I copy your headlight idea (as they say, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery). With the wheels, I bought koya semi forged in graphite and they look fantastic, also I think the semi forged or forged offer a slight handling and ride...
  4. Dashcams

    Looks like Bittasoft Gold then it says Blackview cloud FHD 60FPS which I guess is just identifying the front cam
  5. Dashcams

    Actually I have the Blackvue in mine, it came with the car (used). Is there a really easy way to set it up for a new owner? I've looked online and havent gotten around to it because it seems to be a bit of a production.
  6. MY2023 Mustang COLOURS

    The hardest thing with Atlas Blue would be deciding whether to go with silver wheels or charcoal, they both look great on it.
  7. MY2023 Mustang COLOURS

    Rapid red is a fantastic colour, quite rich looking. i didnt go for it in the mustang because we already had two cars in italian racing red/firenze which is very similar, and the car was going to be out in the sun a lot (and red often isnt great for that). Orange fury (which I have) is a nice...
  8. MY2023 Mustang COLOURS

    nothing wrong with those colours but I wonder whether the absence of the lairy colours is that there isnt much market for them, or is it to hold them back for a big splash when the new model comes out in '24? As an aside, my wife is absolutely convinced that my car (orange) is bigger than the...
  9. Australian spec Mustang owners photos

    I really like the look of your car, it is one of my favorites. Had mine about the same time, plenty of visual mods, a few for handling. Reckon it is a fantastic car, but I wish you could get one with a really nice interior - decent leather, better plastics - coz that would take it into another...
  10. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Yeah when I was after a manual v8 hardware care I would have loved a falcon or holden ute but they are getting very exey and a bit long in the tooth for infotainment. I also would have liked a camaro but limited manual numbers and more money. A mate of mine has one, I love the look but it...
  11. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Yeah, they are brilliant cars especially if you like fishtailing. At one stage maybe 10 - 15 years ago all of the construction sites were surrounded by v8 utes, nowadays it is nearly exclusively 4WD utes like the ranger or hi-lux.
  12. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Gooday, we are down under. The Mustangs are very popular here, no competition really and the only new v8 that you can buy in a manual other than a Toyota diesel 4 X 4. we didnt get your beautiful GT350's here either
  13. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Oh yeah the orange was nice, mine was silver with the dark blue leather. Paid $100K for it and got about $35K as a trade 2 years later when I bought my XF 4.2 but I'd fallen out of love with it over the turning circle which was a nightmare, and I'd driven the XF and had fallen in love with it.
  14. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    Oh it was a fantastic car in its day - analine leather, brilliant manual (much quicker than the auto which had a torque limiter), 4 piston brembos all round, very fancy inside with a proper phone (sim in dash lol). Extremely fast on a highway, I drove that car at a top speed faster than...
  15. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    haha, so true but I've become quite fond of my clutch and it's been nearly 20 years since I've hit a manual hard from a dead stop (used to have a manual volvo s60R - 0 - 100 in 5.5 which was mighty quick back in 2004, but you had to rev it very hard). I shall let someone else do that one. But...
  16. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    tangentially relevant to this thread, today was the first time I have launched mine ('19 manual) hard in sport plus from a slight rolling start. I had noticed a very significant difference in gear performance in sport plus from the usual quite relaxed behaviour of the car, but I hadnt tried...
  17. What did you do to your Aussie S550 today..

    No-one comes to me for fashion tips but personally I reckon the red looks fantastic. Agree that black wheels show brake dust which is why I go for charcoal on my cars, I also find that gloss black makes wheels look smaller than they are, the mustang stock wheels have a lot of spokes so the...
  18. Bug Splatter

    I use polish Angel spray wax pretty regularly, seriously my cars can be covered in crap and it just washes off in the rain. Have a great trip, I found on a decent run in mine recently that it gets fantastic fuel economy on the open road, I'd be guessing around 10l/100km absolute maximum
  19. Insurance.

    Allianz okayed the CAI on mine for this year's renewal, not a bad premium too ($1,300). I tried the Enthusiast quick quote but it seems to be restricted to named drivers, whereas I want to be able to lend the Mustang out.
  20. MY22 or MY 23 Mustang?

    Urban Dictionary is an awesome resource for these things, with practical examples. i first came across it when checking on "rusty trombone" which was mentioned in Stangers with Candy, and just about had to bleach my eyes.