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  1. Why won't the US go metric?

    Having grown up and old using both Imperial and Metric systems, why won't the US adopt the Metric system once and for all and be done with the archaic Imperial system? Hell, the country that invented it has gone Metric. Who is the Imperial measurement special interest? Light switch and power...
  2. Warhammer 40K?

    Anyone into Warhammer? I am an old grey-beard that is just getting into them. I was never into that sort of gaming, but it intrigues me. I have never really played yet, just built a bunch that I am just getting ready to paint. I build them while I am on Teams meetings for work. Some of my...
  3. Chip Shortage to Last Until Late 2022 No end in sight. Car prices are going to go even higher. Bad, bad time to be in the market for a car.
  4. TIG Welder Advice

    Looking to get my first TIG welder and just want to run this by anyone here who might have some info about them. Thinking of this: Any experience with this unit? I do have 220V.
  5. Anyone looking for a 2021 GT-500 in W. Wash.? $107,365
  6. Extreme Heat in Seattle - Global Warming or an Unusual Collection of Ingredients?

    Want to learn something about the weather in the Pacific NW? I tend to agree with Cliff.
  7. Rented an Eco-boost...

    Rented the boosted 4-banger and have to say I did not like it! Anyone on the fence regarding spending the extra to get the GT should just do it. Not meaning to crap on the folks that have them, for some it is a great car. I certainly do not disparage those that run them. Choice between a Camry...
  8. Service Drop Off Check List

    Was thinking about the posts regarding dealerships and service shops and all the incidental damage they tend to cause. I was wondering if anyone has ever used a check list like rental car companies use before you take a car. You record all the existing damage/issues and both parties agree to...
  9. Life (Fungi) Found Growing on Mars?

    Very compelling! The fungus may or may not be more intelligent than humans. TBD on that one.
  10. Pro Wrestler Breaks Leg!

    I guess dippy-do Tom Brady was there in attendance.
  11. Chitty-Chitty-Bang! Bang! to Purring Like Miss Kitty

    First oil change in my 2020 GT/CS at 1320 miles (tee-hee). Castrol Edge full synthetic in 5W-30 flavor and one 300ml bottle of original flavor Ceratec. Before - Shake, rattle, and roll. I though it was just the DI system and the ubiquitous 5.0 noises. Maaaaybe had the BBQ tick...maybe. It...
  12. Wash. State Set to Ban New Gasoline Vehicle Sales by 2030 Also dig this bit: The measure would only take effect if the state approves a tax on vehicle miles traveled, which would help pay for new transportation infrastructure in the state.
  13. Idiot Street Racers in Seattle

    Dumb asses...
  14. To Force Inject or Not - That is the question!

    Given all the latest regulatory crackdowns, would you still be willing to do a FI build seeing as the aftermarket tuner companies may not be around too much longer (assuming you do not want a "defeat" tune that disables emissions components)? I have been waiting for my Whipple kit to arrive and...
  15. CS Splitter Pics

    For those that may be interested in a closer look at the CS splitter on a 2020 GT/CS
  16. DIY Alignment and Lane Departure

    So...I am planning on installing some lowering springs and a few other bits and bobs that will necessitate an alignment. I thought I would do it myself and bought a tool kit to do just that. Well, I didn't think about the lane departure system needing recalibration after alignment. Has anyone...
  17. Does your dealer have a special parking space for Mustangs?

    When I bought my 2020 GT/CS they had it parked right up in front of the building in a parking space that doesn't have any other's around it. When the sales guy and I walked over to the car I noticed that they had painted Mustang logos on the ground of that one spot. Pretty cool that they have a...
  18. Washington OEM Factory 2019 Convertible Boot Side Plastic Cover Panels

    Off a 2019. Like new $55 shipped.