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  1. Ford GT one take

    Holy crap this thing looks fast!
  2. My journey has come to an end

    Just want to say thanks to everyone that I have met and to all the advice given to me and others which I have read over the last 2 years. This is the best place for information, beats any Facebook page. I will still pop in every now and again especially to see the MY18 progress. Will be...
  3. Air raid CAI and Borla Atak cat back

    Have photos available just unable to upload on iPad. Air raid CAI GT some marks on plastic and metal cover. £300 Borla Atak 3 inch cat back with black tips. £700 Or both for £1000 Perfect set of 1st modifications. Collection from Waterlooville Have included eBay links with pictures...
  4. Air raid and redline hood struts

    Hi all I have EU redline hood struts £75 + postage Air raid CAI for GT £300 + postage. Both can be collected from Waterlooville. Mods I will upload the required pictures when I get on my computer
  5. 2016 Mustang GT DIB for sale £33000

    My car is now reluctantly for sale. New advert and price drop.
  6. Another possible oil cooler failure

    As you may have seen me mention I have a lovely puddle of oil under my car. Coolant tank looks like a milkshake and there is oil/collect all over the undertray and belt area. The AA are on the way and it being taken to Hendy Eastleigh :crazy: I also notice smoke coming from drivers rear...
  7. WANTED BMR lockout kit

    Anyone have one sitting around they don't want anymore? Or any suppliers out there. Checked eBay and there only one with high delivery cost. Cheers
  8. Possible theft attempt

    Copy and pasted from Facebook. Hope the owner won't mind. Slightly worrying Heads up to anyone in area, woke up to find someone has been tampering with our car. Car was locked and parked right out front of our house. Keys obviously kept safe inside. Car doors and boot were all slightly open...
  9. Arch liner push pins

    Anyone know the right size for these. I'm missing 2 now due to fucking about behind there so many times. A link would be much appreciated :cheers:
  10. Goodwood breakfast club

    All the themes for the breakfast meets have been announced Vee-Power Sunday for us. I will be attending them all if anyone fancies meeting for the drive over. I have registered my car for the Veepower one too...
  11. Wind noise from UK drivers door mirror

    Hello from the UK. I have a horrible wind noise at around 70mph it's coming from my drivers door mirror area. So the us passenger window. Any one else had this. Taken it to the dealership once and they told me they fixed it but guess what :frusty::ford: Any easy fixes?
  12. Red, clear or tinted.

    Help me decide please. Booking my car to have the windows tinted in the next few days. Going to get my lights done at the same time. Still undecided on what to do. The correct red? Smoke look with a tint Or leave them clear Help Rear currently looks like this
  13. GT decklid badge

    I feel stupid for asking this as I thought I knew the answer. I have the US GT deck lid. I want to fit a black GT badge. Can I remove mine to do this? It will be a straight badge swap. Cheers! :cheers:
  14. A video for Gibbo

  15. WTB Black 5.0 Badges

    Anyone got any floating around not used? Would rather fit black ones instead of plastidip mine
  16. Which spoiler

    What spoilers are people running? Mus be NO DRILL (annoying) I don't want to drill any holes in boot lid as I want to be able to put this car back to stock easily. So what's the best looking stick on spoiler out there?
  17. Wind noise on drivers side

    Noticed a bit of wind noise yesterday. Sound like it's coming from drivers side but I can't pin point it. Anyone else getting this. It's at around 70-80 mph.
  18. WTB N Gauge

    New or second hand shipped to the UK. Anyone seen any good deals out there? Or is the 549 from CJ the only deal to be had? Cheers
  19. Air raid owners

    Does anyone know the size of the bigger grommet on the intake tube. There wasn't one included in my pack so I'm now halfway through install and can't finish. Tried all the grommets I have and they are too big or too small. Help please!
  20. Pistonheads Sunday service Goodwood

    This event is now live. I now there are plenty of owners that are local. Nice drive out for a Sunday morning Sign on here